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The World’s Premiere Vacation Destination

An abundance of amazing Costa Rica tours have made Jaco and Los Suenos, Costa Rica two of the world’s premiere vacation destinations. Exciting adventure tours are ready to make your Costa Rica getaway absolutely idyllic, no matter what you're looking for. With such a large variety of excursions in town and close by, Jaco and Los Suenos have something for everyone.

Most Popular Costa Rica Rainforest Tour

zipline canopy tour costa rica jaco los suenos

Fly through the rainforest canopy on a series of zipline cables during one of the most popular tours in the Jaco Beach and Los Suenos areas. Both the Carara Canopy Tour and the Los Suenos Canopy Tour are crowd favorites, and with good reason! On these adrenaline-pumping excursions, travelers get to experience unsurpassed views paired with the sensation of flying, all while suspended from a circuit of ziplines and elevated platforms high above the rainforest canopy.

If you choose a 2 hour, 3 hour, 4 hour or a full day ATV Adventure Tour, you'll certainly be in for an exciting ride. Travelers get to command their own vehicles, heading up and into the mountains surrounding Jaco Beach and Los Suenos. Accompanied by an expert guide, this breathtaking journey through some of the most scenic backcountry in Costa Rica will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

If tranquility and direct interaction with nature are what you seek during your exciting Costa Rica vacation, Carara National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park deliver. Traverse the verdant lowland rainforests with your bilingual naturalist tour guide, and enjoy a jungle adventure where tranquility, stunning photo opportunities, and informative interactions abound.

Things to Do with Kids in Costa Rica

Tortuga Island Catamaran Tour Jaco Los Suenos Costa Rica

Jaco and Los Suenos are well-known destinations for families with children due to the delightful array of family-friendly adventures on offer. For the family who loves the ocean, many vacationers select a luxury excursion to the immaculate Tortuga Island. On our Tortuga Island Catamaran Tour, families can snorkel, explore the jungle on a guided rainforest hike, hold on tight for a rambunctious banana boat ride, indulge in a delicious buffet lunch, and relax together on Tortuga's incredible white-sand beach.

Nestled on the beautiful Pacific coast, Jaco, Costa Rica and its surrounding breaks bring surfers from around the world to partake in world-class Costa Rica Surfing Tours. While experienced surfers are whisked away by local veteran surfers for a full-day field trip to such famous surfing spots as Roca Loca, Playa Escondida and Playa Hermosa, novice and beginner surfers need not feel left out.

New surfers, young and old, can partake in our incredibly enjoyable Surfing Lessons. Our certified surf instructors are excellent with families and kids, and can easily teach the skills and techniques needed to guide you toward success in this fun and rewarding sport. The gentle waves at Playa Jaco create the perfect conditions for learning to surf, and the sense of calm and relaxation out in the water is one of the many qualities that make this tour a hit with families and water-loving travelers of all ages.

Families visiting Jaco and Los Suenos during their vacation to Costa Rica will find not only catamaran tours and surfing lessons a great option, but will also enjoy a wide variety of other exciting adventures on offer. From a relaxing Horseback Waterfall Tour, to the thrilling Crocodile Mangrove Tour, to an unforgettable visit to the famous Monkey Mangroves, Jaco and Los Suenos provide incredible adventures for the whole family.

Best Costa Rica Tours for Adventurers

Los Suenos Marina

Ready to experience the open seas of the dazzling Pacific? For deep sea fishing trips in Costa Rica, look no further than Los Suenos. Home to the world-famous Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Billfish Tournament, charter boats leaving out of the Los Suenos Marina take anglers on a spectacular day of adrenaline-pumping sportfishing. An amazing fleet of luxury fishing yachts stocked with state-of-the-art gear, ice cold beer, and some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable captains and crews you'll ever meet leave the marina each morning hoping to maximize on some of the best fishing opportunities in the world. The warm, tropical waters both inshore and offshore in Costa Rica are renowned for offering an amazing density and variety of fish, available year-round. From Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Marlin and Mahi Mahi offshore to delicious Red Snapper, tough-fighting Roosterfish and lightning-fast Wahoo inshore, Los Suenos sport fishing charters are certainly beckoning your inner angler.

white water rafting Savegre river Costa Rica

Adventure enthusiasts from all corners of the globe know the white water rafting scene in Costa Rica is second to none, with the Savegre and Naranjo Rivers standing out as prime destinations for adrenaline-packed experiences. While staying in Jaco, Los Suenos, or any of the towns in the surrounding area, you'll be able to choose from three distinct rafting experiences on these two rivers. The Savegre Class III rafting tour is great for newbies, families with kids, or anyone who is seeking a fun and challenging adventure with a perfect balance of thrills and relaxation. The Naranjo Class IV is perfect for experienced rafters and adventurous novices who are ready to turn up the intensity a bit by taking on more challenging rapids with less downtime. The El Chorro Class IV-V rafting tour is for thrill-seeking rafting enthusiasts with plenty of experience and a drive to take on the biggest rafting challenges in the area. Whitewater rafting in Costa Rica offers voyagers the opportunity to immerse themselves in a thrilling adventure filled with breathtaking scenery and unparalleled fun.

Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

jaco costa rica

One of the best places to visit in the country are the Jaco and Los Suenos areas, which are nestled side-by-side in the Puntarenas province along the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Jaco has a bit of everything - from ideal surfing conditions, to exciting nightlife, an excellent foodie and craft beer scene, plenty of transportation options, close-by waterfalls and rainforests to explore, and thrilling adventures such as ATV tours, canopy ziplining, and full day combo tours. For a truly relaxing getaway, there are luxurious resorts in the area, along with spacious and private condo rentals and plenty of hotels ideal for vacationers on a variety of budgets. Whitewater rafting expeditions and fishing charters are two of this area's most popular offerings. Swaying palm trees, tropical beaches, diverse dining options, access to a variety of shops, grocery stores, banks and ATMS, and the ease of communicating in Jaco and Los Suenos make this area an excellent choice for groups of friends, corporate team-building trips, families with kids, and Costa Rica first-time travelers.

Monteverde Costa Rica

Nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Costa Rica, Monteverde is a captivating destination that beckons travelers seeking an immersive encounter with nature's wonders. Renowned for its ethereal cloud forest, Monteverde offers a sanctuary where lush canopies intertwine, shrouded in mist that envelopes explorers in an otherworldly ambiance. Beyond its breathtaking natural beauty, Monteverde boasts an array of eco-friendly accommodations that promise unforgettable stays, ranging from cozy boutiques to luxurious retreats, each offering a unique blend of comfort and immersion in the splendor of the cloud forest. Monteverde presents an opportunity for nature-loving travelers to delve into Costa Rica's rich biodiversity, where vibrant flora and fauna await discovery at every turn. Embark on guided tours through the cloud forest's winding trails, encountering rare species of birds, plants and animals, visit a sloth sanctuary and contribute to ongoing rescue efforts, or engage in cultural adventures that offer insights into the traditions and lifestyles of the local communities.

La Fortuna Costa Rica Volcano Arenal

For those seeking an unforgettable escape that combines the allure of natural wonders with the charm of local hospitality, look no further than La Fortuna, Costa Rica. This charming mountain village rests in the shadow of the awe-inspiring Arenal Volcano, where lush rainforests and expansive farmlands paint a picture-perfect backdrop. Embark on exhilarating hikes through lush wilderness trails, visit stunning waterfalls, enjoy thrilling high-altitude canopy ziplines and hanging bridges, spot wildlife at the Sloth Territory or on a leisurely safari float down the Sarapiqui river, or go extreme with white water rafting and canyoning & rappelling adventures. Visit one of the area's many hot springs resorts and relax in natural geothermal pools. With our carefully curated La Fortuna tours, you can uncover the many hidden treasures of this captivating corner of Costa Rica. Whether you seek adrenaline-pumping adventures or tranquil moments of reflection, La Fortuna promises an unforgettable journey that will leave you yearning to return again and again.

Costa Rica: Sustainable Beauty for Everyone

Protected Rainforest

Costa Rica has perpetually been known for being one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. Governmental organizations and nonprofits are increasingly implementing green projects throughout the nation, including:

  • Wind farms
  • Wildlife conservancy projects
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Green energy programs
  • Lines of credit for green businesses
  • Green schools and colleges

Costa Rica is an incredibly ecologically diverse nation with a sincere focus on global sustainability. It offers all the amenities of any first world nation and maintains a fast-growing economy. From romantic getaways at all-inclusive resorts in the protected rainforests to biodiverse nature excursions to family vacation packages, Costa Rica is a phenomenal place to both live and visit!

Costa Rican Weather

Costa Rica Breathtaking View Beach Jungle Ocean Sunset

Costa Rica stands out as a premier destination, renowned for its inviting climate that bathes the landscape in tropical warmth throughout the year. With temperatures typically hovering in the mid-to-upper 80°F, visitors are greeted by delightful weather that makes it easy to get out and explore everything this country has to offer.

Costa Rica's summer months are punctuated by bright, sunny days and warm, tropical breezes. These months, starting in mid-December and lasting until the end of April each year, see the influx of the majority of vacationers who visit Costa Rica each year, often looking to escape the colder months of winter in their home countries.

The green season in Costa Rica experiences more rain than the summer months. From May until early-mid December, Costa Rica experiences the bulk of its yearly rainfall. With that said, green season holds its own unique appeal for travelers seeking an immersive experience in the country's natural splendor. Despite occasional rain showers, this period offers enticing opportunities to explore Costa Rica at a more leisurely pace, with discounted accommodations and flights making it an attractive option for budget-conscious adventurers. Moreover, the intermittent rainfall serves to rejuvenate the lush rainforests of Costa Rica, transforming them into vibrant tapestries of greenery that teem with life.

Whether you're drawn by the allure of endless sunshine or the enchantment of a verdant paradise, Costa Rica beckons with its year-round warmth and natural splendor, promising unforgettable experiences at every turn.

A Historical Overview of Costa Rica

Costa Rica History

Costa Rica is located in Central America, just south of Nicaragua and northwest of Panama. Spanish for “Rich Coast,” Costa Rica is a country that is abundant in many ways - including its history. From the highland tribes that occupied the area thousands of years ago, to Christopher Columbus’s crew that were dazzled by the beauty of the coast, to the modern-day growing economy, Costa Rica’s historical past is a rich one.

Christopher Columbus was greeted by the local Carib Indians in September 1502 during his fourth and final voyage to the Western Hemisphere. It is said that the golden jewelry that the area’s inhabitants wore in their noses and ears inspired Columbus to name the country Costa Rica, or rich coast. Later, when conquistador Gonzalez Davila colonized the nation for Spain in 1522, it is purported that the natives were in possession of vast amounts of gold and other precious metals.

A Modern Costa Rica

Costa Rica Map

Today, Costa Rica is a modern, constitutional democracy with a significant economy and all the amenities of a first world nation. Historically, Costa Rica has seen a greater amount of peace and political stability than many other nations in Central America. The economy has, over time, transitioned from one based on cash crops like coffee and bananas to one focused on tourism and non-traditional agriculture.

As a country, Costa Rica is a nation divided into 81 counties, or in Spanish, Cantons. These counties are spread across 7 larger provinces which make up the country as a whole, these provinces are:

  1. Alajuela
  2. Cartago
  3. Guanacaste
  4. Heredia
  5. Limón
  6. Puntarenas
  7. San José

Peace and Safety in Costa Rica

Army Abolition

An interesting fact about Costa Rica is that it has no military. The Costa Rican military was constitutionally abolished in 1948 at the conclusion of the country’s civil war. The lack of a military greatly contributes to Costa Rica’s image of peace and mediation. However, the country still maintains a well-armed police force for peacekeeping purposes.

Is Costa Rica a safe place to visit? Costa Rica is considered a decently safe country, ranking highest among all Latin American countries on the Global Peace Index. The large expat communities work alongside locals to keep areas safe and secure.

As always when traveling, tourists are advised to use common sense with their personal belongings and follow all notices and advisories to make sure you are swimming and adventuring in safe beaches and other locations. We are pleased to offer advice about staying safe during your vacations in Jaco, Manuel Antonio and La Fortuna. Our practical advice is applicable to any part of Costa Rica you wish to visit.

See the wonder, join the excitement, and live the dream. Book your Costa Rica tours today!