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The World’s Premiere Vacation Destination

Their amazing Costa Rica tours have made Jaco, Costa Rica and Los Sueños , Costa Rica some of the world’s premiere vacation destinations. A wide variety of exciting Costa Rica adventure tours are ready to make your getaway absolutely idyllic.

Most Popular Costa Rica Rainforest Tour

Woman on the ziplinning

Fly through the roof of the rainforest via zip line on some of the most popular tours in the Jaco Beach and Los Sueños area, the Carara Canopy Tour and the Los Sueños Canopy Tour. On these excursions in Costa Rica, travelers get to experience unsurpassed views while suspended from a safe but thrilling zip line high above the rainforest canopy.

Choose a 2-hour, 3-hour, 4-hour or a full-day Costa Rica ATV Adventure from our Costa Rica tours and you will be in for an exciting ride. Travelers get to command their own vehicle, heading up the mountains surrounding Jaco Beach and Los Sueños with an expert guide to lead them on their breathtaking journey as they explore Costa Rica.

If tranquility and direct interaction with nature are what you seek on your tour of Costa Rica, Carara National Park and Manuel Antonio National Park deliver. Traverse the breathtaking lowland forests with your naturalist tour guide where tranquility, stunning photo opportunities, and informative interactions abound.

Things to Do with Kids in Costa Rica

Arenal volcano

For the vacationer who loves the ocean, many select luxury excursions to the immaculate Tortuga Island as one of their Costa Rica tours. On our Tortuga Island tours, vacationers can snorkel, take Banana Boat rides, and relax on white-sand beaches.

While experienced surfers catch the bigger waves of close-by breaks, the novice or beginner surfer need not feel left out. New surfers can take surfing lessons for a hands-on approach with our veteran surf instructors. The gentle waves of Playa Jaco are perfect for learning this rewarding sport. These Costa Rica tours and lessons are fun for the whole family!

Best Costa Rica Tours for Adventurers

Ready to experience the open seas of the dazzling Pacific? For deep sea fishing trips in Costa Rica, look no further than Los Sueños. Home to the Annual World Billfish Series Championship and the Los Sueños Signature Billfish Series, charter boats leaving out of the Los Sueños Marina, Puntarenas, and Herradura Bay take voyagers out for a relaxing day of fruity cocktails, cold beer, and big fish on these world-renowned sportfishing tours.

Nestled on the beautiful Pacific Coast, Jaco, Costa Rica and its surrounding breaks bring surfers from around the world to partake in world-class Costa Rica Surfing Tours. Experienced surfers are whisked away by local veteran surfers for a full-day field trip to such famous swell locations as Roca Loca, Playa Escondida, Playa Hermosa (Home of the 2009 Billabong World Surfing Games Series), and more.

Thrill-seekers the world over know that when it comes to Costa Rica white water rafting, the Savegre and Naranjo Rivers are amongst the most engaging. Select white water rafting as one of your adventures and experience the fun!

Best Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Los Suenos Marina

One of the best places to visit in Costa Rica is Jaco and Los Sueños in the Puntarenas province. Jaco has a bit of everything from surf competitions, exciting nightlife, waterfalls and rainforests to explore, and thrilling ATV tours and ziplining adventures. For a truly relaxing getaway, there are luxurious all-inclusive resorts nearby. Whitewater rafting expeditions and fishing charters are two of Jaco and Los Sueños’s most popular features.

Another great place to visit in Costa Rica is Monteverde, with its stunning Cloud Forest and unforgettable accommodations. This is an excellent choice if you are interested in experiencing some of Costa Rica’s fascinating biodiversity and cultural adventures.

Looking for a getaway you’ll never forget? Try La Fortuna, Costa Rica, which is located around the world-famous Arenal Volcano amidst lush rainforest and spreading farmland. The delightful climate lends itself perfectly to open-air dining and hikes among nature. See it all with one of our curated La Fortuna tours!

Costa Rica: Sustainable Beauty for Everyone

Protected Rainforest

Costa Rica has perpetually been known for being one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world. Governmental organizations and nonprofits are increasingly implementing green projects throughout the nation, including:

  • Wind farms
  • Wildlife conservancy projects
  • Sustainable architecture
  • Green energy programs
  • Lines of credit for green businesses
  • Green schools and colleges

Costa Rica is an incredibly ecologically diverse nation with a sincere focus on global sustainability. It offers all the amenities of any first world nation and maintains a fast-growing economy. From romantic getaways at all-inclusives resorts in the protected rainforests to biodiverse nature excursions to family vacation packages, Costa Rica is a phenomenal place to both live and visit!

Costa Rican Weather

Costa Rica is known for being a great place to visit, with its wonderfully warm weather year-round. Temperatures usually sit around the 80’s Fahrenheit.

Costa Rica’s rainy season, or green season, takes place from May to November. However, rainy season is an excellent time to visit the country as there are often discounted prices for flights and many other things, and the scattered rain showers bring the lush rainforests into a vibrant and verdant state of beauty. Even though late July is part of the green season, it usually brings on what Costa Ricans call a “little summer” with more stable weather.

A Historical Overview of Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

Costa Rica is located in Central America, just south of Nicaragua and northwest of Panama. Spanish for “Rich Coast,” Costa Rica is a country that is abundant in many ways - including their history. From the highland tribes that occupied the area thousands of years ago to Christopher Columbus’s crew that were dazzled by the beauty of the coast to the modern-day growing economy, Costa Rica’s historical past is a rich one.

Christopher Columbus was greeted by the local Carib Indians in September 1502 during his fourth and final voyage to the Western Hemisphere. It is said that the golden jewelry that the area’s inhabitants wore in their noses and ears inspired Columbus to name the country Costa Rica, or rich coast. Later, when conquistador González Dávila colonized the nation for Spain in 1522, it is purported that the natives were in possession of vast amounts of gold and other precious metals.

A Modern Costa Rica

Costa Rica Map

Today, Costa Rica is a modern, constitutional democracy with a significant economy and all the amenities of a first world nation. Historically, Costa Rica has seen a greater amount of peace and political stability than many other nations in Central America. The economy has, over time, transitioned from one based on cash crops like coffee and bananas to one more focused on tourism and non-traditional agriculture.

As a country, Costa Rica is a nation divided into 81 counties, or in Spanish, Cantons. These counties are spread across 7 larger provinces which make up the country as a whole, these provinces are:

  1. Alajuela
  2. Cartago
  3. Guanacaste
  4. Heredia
  5. Limón
  6. Puntarenas
  7. San José

Peace and Safety in Costa Rica

Army Abolition

An interesting fact about Costa Rica is that it has no military. The Costa Rican military was constitutionally abolished in 1948 at the conclusion of the country’s civil war. The lack of a military greatly contributes to Costa Rica’s image of peace and mediation. However, the country still maintains a well-armed police force for peacekeeping purposes.

Is Costa Rica a safe place to visit? Costa Rica is considered a decently safe country, ranking highest among all Latin American countries on the Global Peace Index. The large expat communities work alongside locals to keep areas safe and secure.

As always when traveling, tourists are advised to use common sense with their personal belongings and follow all notices and advisories to make sure you are swimming and adventuring in safe beaches and other locations.

See the wonder, join the excitement, and live the dream. Book your Costa Rica tours today!
4-Hour ATV Tour

Tour de 7 Pueblos

  • Jaco, Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • ATV
  • Half Day Starting From $129
  • Moderate

Per Driver

Los Suenos Canopy Tour

Los Suenos Canopy

  • Jaco, Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • Canopy
  • 2 Hours Starting From $69
  • Moderate

Per Person

Tortuga Catamaran - Party Tour

Tortuga Island Party

  • Carara, Jaco, Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • Tortuga Island
  • Full Day Starting From $159
  • Easy

Per Person

Naranjo Rafting Class IV

Naranjo Rafting

  • Manuel Antonio, Jaco, Los Sueños, Costa Rica
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Half Day Starting From $89
  • Challenging

Per Person (2 person minimum)

El Establo Mountain Hotel

El Establo Mountain Hotel

  • Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Hotels
  • Starting From $235

Per Night/ 2 people (+ sales tax)

Hotel Belmar

Hotel Belmar

  • Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Hotels
  • Starting From $199

Per Night/ 2 people (+ sales tax)

Senda Monteverde Hotel

Senda Monteverde Hotel

  • Monteverde, Costa Rica
  • Hotels
  • Starting From $299

Per Night/ 2 people (+ sales tax)

The Gaia Hotel and Reserve

The Gaia Hotel and Reserve

  • Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
  • Hotels
  • Starting From $339

Per Night/ 2 people (+ sales tax)

Playa Hermosa

Playa Hermosa

Along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the beach directly south of Jaco Costa Rica is the famous surfing Mecca, Playa Hermosa. The beach front here is clean and beautiful with large crashing waves that bring advanced and professional surfers from around the world.
Arenal Volcano National Park

Arenal Volcano

Is a Costa Rican national park in the central part of the country, forming the Arenal Conservation Area.
Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

Caño Negro

Is a Wildlife refuge, part of the Arenal Huetar Norte Conservation Area.
Arenal Lake

Arenal Lake

Is a lake which is situated in the northern highlands of Costa Rica. It is currently the largest lake in Costa Rica at 85-square-kilometers (33 sq mi). Its depth varies between 30 and 60 meters (100–200 feet) seasonally.

Is the Tortuga Island tour accessible for handicap adventurers?

If the person is able to walk without a wheelchair it is possible for them to do the Tortuga Island tour. Otherwise, it is not recommended.


Is there good snorkeling at Jaco Beach?

No. Snorkeling is not possible at Jaco Beach due to waves, visibility and lack of coral.


How many other people will be on the [monkey, crocodile, zipline, kayaking, Tortuga tour, etc.] tour with us?

The Monkey Mangrove, Crocodile, Zipline Canopy, Kayaking and Tortuga Island tours are all shared tours and the number of people may vary, but the service will always be personalized.


Can we bring our own cooler/alcohol for the Tortuga Island tour?

Personal coolers/beverages are not allowed on the catamaran or Tortuga Island. However, you can bring some extra cash and buy your favorite beverages on the island.


How far is it from Jaco to Arenal / La Fortuna?

Arenal Volcano and La Fortuna are approximately 3.5-4 hours from Jaco.


Are there hot springs in the Jaco/Los Suenos area?

The short answer is ‘no.’ Hot springs are formed when rocks and other matter deep within the Earth’s surface become heated. These heated elements force water below the surface up, creating hot springs. In order for this phenomena to happen, there has to be a suitable heat source. In the case of hot springs in Costa Rica, more often than not, that heat source is volcanic activity. Since there are no active volcanoes in or around the Jaco / Los Suenos area, we do not have hot springs available here. The closest volcanic source for hot springs is Arenal Volcano in La Fortuna, which is approximately 3.5-4 hours from Jaco.


How far is Jaco Beach/ Adventure Tours’ Costa Rica Central Office from the International Airport (SJO)?

The trip from Juan Santamaria International Airport in San Jose is a beautiful 1 1/2 hour drive that makes us the closest beach resort community from the International Airport.