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Carara, Costa Rica

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Private Zipline

Private Carara Canopy Zipline

A short drive from Jacó Beach, this popular canopy tour offers wild rides with sweeping ocean views amid mountainous rainforest terrain. With just a group of four, you will have your very own tour of the canopy.

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Setting Off for Adventure

The tour starts before we even get to the park - the transport up to the spot is awesome, slipping past dramatic tropical landscape rich with rugged coastal mountains. The land gets increasingly lush as you ascend toward the private reserve that sits on 80 acres of pristine rainforest. Before we explore, we stop at the welcome area to store any gear you wish in a secure locker.

A Rainforest Retreat

Pushing into the dense jungle terrain, the tour starts on the first hanging bridge that leads to the first platform that is perched above the Pacific Ocean.Your guide points out any wildlife you encounter. Best to keep one eye upward as a rainbow variety of tropical birds lives on the retreat. You’re also apt to encounter raccoons, pass colorful dart frogs clinging to tree branches, and hear the low grunts of the howler monkeys that laze in the upper reaches of the canopy.

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The Zipline Experience

With 12 cables crossing 15 platforms, taking on Carara is a varied assortment of thrills.

Ocean and Waterfall Views. Yes, you’ll soar over waterfalls. You’ll also look out over the seemingly endless waters of the Pacific Ocean as you fly across a picturesque scene at heart-racing speed. Then you glide in for a comfortable landing with an easy braking system that gently brings you back to firm ground.

After a few deep breaths and the exhilaration slows, you’re off for another fly-down as you have lots of lines to explore. In between, pause to take in the natural beauty all around you from the platforms high in the forest.

Go Upside Down! A few of the most-popular cables have the option to take the thrilling ride upside down! Got a GoPro camera? Now would be the perfect time to strap that sucker onto your helmet and capture the experience as lived. Back on the ground, it's midway through the zip-lines and you pause for a breather to refresh with the bottled water provided by your guide.

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Hanging Bridges Abound. Make sure to snap a selfie on the suspension bridge! And there are four more hanging bridges that you’ll have to get on to get some amazing shots before the adventure is done.

Refreshing Finish. End the excursion recounting the thrilling rides with your companions as you enjoy the fresh fruit provided by your guide, an assortment with fresh pineapple and watermelon.

Tours to Pair With Carara Adventure Park

If you’ve only had half a day of outdoor adventure, chances are you’d be up for another outing. Scheduled around Carara Adventure Park, here are a few ideas for a combo day of outdoor adventuring.

Rainforest Sunset Tour

This relaxed tour might be perfect if you’ve had enough exertion for the day. Meet up in Jacó before sunset. Hop into a mountain-ready transport and settle back for a ride up to awe-inspiring outlooks across the Bay of Nicoya. Bring a beverage and toast the fiery sunset that ripples across the mighty Pacific waters.

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ATV Tour de la Gloria

Want something a little more active? Consider a two-hour ATV tour that cruises along rainforest trails with stops at sweeping ocean vistas and a hidden mountain cantina.

Crocodile Mangrove Tour

One of the most-popular tours around, this adventure trip takes you deep into the heart of crocodile territory with a safe boat ride through mangrove-lined waters where thousands of wild crocs reside.

Whether you choose Carara Adventure Park by itself or pair it with experiences like ATV rides and surf lessons on Playa Jacó, the outdoor adventure you’ll cherish for a lifetime awaits.

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Crocodile Mangrove Tour

Crocodile Mangrove

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George williams

These folks did an amazing job! First time “up in the canopy” and it was crazy fun. Great guides and beautiful location. Well worth the money and the beers were ice cold after we finished. Let’s go again!!

Darla C


This was the best vacation.