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Jaco, Costa Rica

Los Suenos Canopy
Rainforest Zipline

Los Suenos Canopy Tour

One of the most popular tours in Costa Rica, the Los Suenos Canopy Zip line adventure gives you the chance to fly through the canopy of the primary rainforest like a bird on our intermediate Costa Rica zip line tour.

Fly through the canopy like a bird on our Costa Rica zip line tour.

More than just an adrenaline rush, the elevated platforms and cables give you the chance to see incredible wildlife from Scarlet Macaws to White-faced Monkeys, as well as breathtaking views of the Nicoya Peninsula.

Safety is the primary concern of all of the government-certified professional guides, and all equipment is inspected routinely.

Anyone can enjoy this adventure from Grandma to Grandson – Costa Rica zip lining is truly is a “must-do” tour that completes anyone’s visit to the Jaco Beach and Los Suenos areas of Costa Rica.

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George Kokai

Roseville, CA
My son and I did this zipline canopy tour and we were not disappointed! Adventure Tours Costa Rica made everything easy! Booking and communication were great. We were picked up on time, taken to the adventure park, geared up and off we went! The ziplines were amazing. We had 10 in total. Number 9 (I think they referred to it as "Big Papa") was amazing! Super fast and long. Overall, a great time with great guides. Will definitely do this again when we return to Costa Rica.

Pattie Ryan

Pass Christian, MS

This was my 2nd time Ziplining (sp) with Adventure Tours. All our guests want to zip line and this is the best place. We went at 10:00 instead of 8:00 and I highly recommend it. When I went 3 weeks ago, we went at 0800 and there must have been 60 people “suiting” up. It all moved quickly and was very well organized, but there were only 8 of us at 10:00 on a Wednesday morning. Another couple scheduled for 12:00 joined us so we were 10. Manuel, Raquel and Gabriel were absolutely the best team taking care of us. The were funny, encouraging those who were a bit timid doing it the 1st time and always security conscious. All 10 of us, strangers at the beginning, had a fun filled time with lots of laughs. I highly recommend zip lining. FYI. The facility has great, very clean bathrooms with at least 6 showers that are very nice. When you do any activity there, you will be offered a locker to store your stuff. They also have a restaurant that serves a Casado (chicken, fish, or beef) that costs about $15 or you may order off the menu. Very good mojitos and cold beer. I’ve also done the ATV which was fun but you get dirty; that’s where the nice showers come in. I highly recommend any of the activities with Adventure Tours Costa Rica.

María Luisa Salas Carbonell

Puerto Viejo de Limon, Costa Rica
Nos encantó! La amabilidad del personal excelente. Gracias regresaremos!.

Laura H.

Kingwood, Texas
Our group of teenagers had a really great time ziplining in the rain in the Rainforest! We just wish it lasted longer which is why I gave it 4 stars. The pictures they took of them upside down came out really great and make for a super memory. Thank you!

daniel mackie

Calgary , Alberta
What an amazing experience!! My wife and her sister and I had just an awesome time with you!! The guides were experienced and sooooo funny! We do so look forward to coming back! Muchas gracias!! PURA VIDA!!

Jenifer Ferguson

Was so much fun! The care and attention to safety was excellent. The staff - Berto, Ezekiel, Eddie, Jorge and Juan, are very fun, warm and friendly, and all ensure you have a memorable time!

William K


We went on a zip line and rafting package tour. The two tours were both really interesting. I had a lot of fun learning all that I did, would highly recommend this package deal to people.

Bree H


I had so much fun zip lining. The rafting was cool also

Tom M


Loved the Zip line Tour. Good Times!

John J


I had a great time with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. The zip line canopy tour was very cool.

Marty M


My friend told me about the zip line canopy tour. She said it is something I definitely need to experience. I took another friend with me to Costa Rica on vacation so we could. It was awesome. Lots of fun. Glad I went.

Alfred N


I had never been on a zip line Tour before until I went to Costa Rica. I I’ve gone zip lining in multiple countries for Costa Rica is by far the most beautiful to go zip lining in. I highly suggest that if you’re in the area you make a valiant effort to get out there and have some fun. They are great with their guests and will surely treat you like royalty.

Christian G


The surfing in Costa Rica is off the hook. Big waves an awesome people make it a great time. Any skill level can go which makes it a beautiful place for all ages. There are people out there that seemed semi professional as well as little kids just learning how to surf for the first time. Everybody is left feeling welcome by the people there, and they never judges anyone on how well they were.

Gerorge K

Clay, Florida

My kids were pumped for our trip with Adventure Tours. We didn’t tell them until the last minute to keep it a surprise. They had been talking about it so we decided to bring them. We got a chance to do everything. The kids enjoyed the zip lines the most. My wife and I were into the more relaxing aspects of the trip. My wife especially loved going through the jungles. All in all it was a wholesome vacation.

Ellen W

Santa Ana, California

My brother in law took me to go on your zip lines. The tour was great and I Loved every second that I was out there. We went zip lining in Hawaii before, but Costa Rica topped that experience. The whole atmosphere is something I’ve never experienced before. I have gone place is there a fun but the people in Costa Rica know how to really bring out the best in you.

Travis C

Santa Clara, California

The tours are a must try with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. Good surf, good food, and good people make up the trip, along with a bunch of other cool stuff to do. You can get lost in excitement pretty quick when you hit the rapids up or take the zip line. Make sure to be ready for a heck of a time when you go, and go with an empty stomach so you can enjoy the native food.

Donnie D


There is nothing in this world that is more exciting than feeling like you are flying through the air on a zip line. The wind in your hair as your body cuts through the breeze is intense. It really gives you the feeling of being free as you are zipping through. I can’t wait to be able to strap in again and get that rush that only comes from a zip line tour. Till next time stay safe everyone.

Tom T

Santa Clara, California

I took my son zip lining the other day with you guys.The day couldn’t have been a more perfect day, and your guides are wonderful. You guys really have a way of making people feel special and I think it is the thing that sets you apart from other vacation spots. Pretty soon I want to take him again as a graduation gift. He will be so excited to go back for another round of fun.

Cynthia R

Palm Beach, Florida

Your zip lines were sick! It felt as if I was just flying through the air without care. I have never felt so free in my life.you feel safe when hooked in the harness and that helped me get over my nervousness. I discovered something that I will look for on future vacation trips. The process was well organized and the price was good.

C J Mosley


Costa Rica is a top place to visit on our vacation. You guys have so many choices of what to do at Adventure Tours it’s crazy. Kids and adults can do rafting, go zip lining, or surfing if they want. The zip lines are super cool! You can make your experience as unique as you want with all the activities you guys have to offer. Next year I want to plan another trip and do the stuff I never got a chance to do.

Bam M


Had heard of many of the things you guys offer through friend. She told me that I would be doing myself a disservice by not going. Like a good friend I listened to her advice and went for some rafting and also on zip line tour. She wasn’t just right, she was spot on. That had to have been some of the most fun I recall ever. The only bad part of the entire vacation was that my friend wasn’t there to enjoy it with me.

Sherman J


Took a trip with you guys to go surfing and rafting. I also did a little bit of Zip lining as well while I was there.They take you throughout the place, and make sure that you have gotten your moneys worth. The waves were perfect for riders and the rafting was intense. Everyone was about making the best of the time they had there so it was all peaceful vibes.Glad I chose you guys.

Marcus A

Los Angeles,California

My sister and I went on the zip line tour through you guys. I’ve been on a few zip lines before, but this was by far one of the best they ever went on. The view our zip lining was better than I ever imagined, I just added to the excitement. It was definitely a great chance to spend time with my sister and just kick back and have fun.I wish I could do that once a month as a little treat to myself.

Pedro G


This year we decided to go to Costa Rica on vacation. I was ended up going surfing, fishing, and did some zip lining. It was a very enjoyable vacation filled with many firsts.I really enjoyed everything that you guys had to offer, it is definitely something I would like to do again.It was almost like I was a kid again, just having fun carefree of all the worries in the world. This is definitely something I could see myself doing more often.

Carmine A


The rafting and zip line tour were both real cool. Adventure Tours Costa Rica brings the term fun in the water to a whole new level. They should just make their slogan ”come for the fun, stay for the friendly”. The time I spent there was some of the more memorable times I have gone through. I think anyone could make a vacation around these activities pretty easily.

Maria G


I would like to take a moment do you think everyone at Adventure and Tours Costa Rica.

During our time zip lining, my son got scared and starting to have a little panic attack. Without hesitation the guys quickly acted on the situation as if it was nothing. They diffused the situation before it got worse, and even brought a smile to my sons face right after. God bless you all.

Doug B

Sarasota, Florida

You guys have the two best things ever; surfing and rafting. Where I live there is nowhere to do either so it was a ton of fun trying them both out for the first time. I took to the water like a fish (at least that’s what I was told) and really enjoyed it. I am sold on the thought of moving closer to spots which offer these kind of activities.

Sara G


If you are an exotic animal lover then I recommend Adventure Tours Costa Rica and their wildlife tour. After that you can relax and take in the beautiful scenery while you feast on some delicious local food. It doesn’t get much better than this for a vacation. Nice weather and friendly locals just adds to the good times that you are sure to encounter.

Tony S


Have you ever tried zip lining? How about surfing? Neither did I... until now! Thank you Adventure Tours Costa Rica, without you guys I may have never tried them. You too can try zip line or go surfing with them. You can also try many other activities too. I would do it all again, and I will be sure to, if I ever get the chance to go back.

Paula M

Bradford, Florida

Adventure Tours Costa Rica is the best. They have an amazing team of people working together to make any tour you decide to take the best one that you ever do. The zip lines are thrilling, the surfing is out of this world, and the scenery speaks for itself. So beautiful, so fun, and well worth the trip. I would love to go again.

Roger K

Palm Beach,Florida

My aunt and I took a trip to Costa Rica over the summer. We booked a few tours with Adventure Tours Costa Rica while we were there. The river rafting was awesome, and I can’t wait to zip line again. We weren’t able to get to see the monkeys this time, but I’m hoping we get a chance to make it back here and do so. fingers crossed.

Nancy R

Jacksonville, Florida

My husband and I brought our three kids on a trip over their school vacation. We booked a few tours through Adventure Tours Costa Rica. and were greatly surprised with the service we were given. The prices are extremely affordable and the quality of time spent was exceptional .I had never been on a zip line until my tour but it has quickly become a favorite thing to do. This was easily the best I had trip ever gone on. Cant wait to get to go there again.

Tesla S

Miami, Florida

We decided to take the kids on vacation this past summer. We arrived to a friendly smile and a warm hello. From the moment we arrived we were treated so well. There was never a moment that we weren't having fun. From the rafting to the zip line course, the day was so much fun. Thank you guys for making me feel like a kid again even if it was only for a little while!

Mike m

Long Beach, California

I had a wonderful experience with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. The sites were beautiful and the staff was welcoming. it was an unforgettable experience. I recommend trying out the zip lines if you are in town.

Peggy M

Los Angeles, California

We took the kids to the zip lines. it was all of our first times but our guides made us feel confident. My son didn't want to leave so we had to promise we would come back again. I think we found our new favorite place.

Dave R


I came here to go zip lining, and ended up learning so much. The staff was so outgoing and willing to help with anything I needed. They were also excited to teach me about their culture. I had a great time.

Jenny g


I can’t remember the last time I had that much fun. From the moment I got there until the moment I left I had so much fun. I recommend that anyone going on vacation looks into Adventure Tours Costa Rica. I never thought I would grow the courage to zip line, but I did! The trip was worth every penny! You will not be disappointed!