La Fortuna Hot Springs Etiquette - Everything You Need to Know
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La Fortuna Hot Springs Etiquette - Everything You Need to Know

Date Published:
Feb 10, 2024
La Fortuna Hot Springs Etiquette - Everything You Need to Know

La Fortuna Hot Springs Etiquette - Everything You Need to Know

Amidst the stunning landscapes of La Fortuna, the area’s many hot springs resorts beckon travelers to unwind and recharge in their steaming, mineral-rich pools. While you may have many questions about the rules and regulations of enjoying the hot springs during your stay, mastering the etiquette of these natural wonders is not only key to fostering a harmonious experience for all, it’s easier than you think. From appropriate attire to environmental respect, our comprehensive guide will cover everything you need to know to ensure a memorable and rejuvenating visit to these therapeutic natural marvels.

What to Wear 🩱🧖🏻

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When preparing for a visit to the hot springs in La Fortuna, choosing the right attire is crucial for a relaxing experience. We recommend that visitors opt for a comfortable and secure bathing suit, as this allows for easy movement while ensuring modesty. Most facilities offer a designated area to change in and out of swimwear and lockers where you can securely store your clothing and personal items during your visit. There may be additional fees for the use of lockers and locks, however, these fees are typically low and are well worth the cost. In addition to a comfortable swimsuit, hot springs visitors will want to wear secure water shoes, which can provide added traction and protection against slippery surfaces or rocks with sharper edges. You will also want to bring a towel with you in order to dry off after indulging in the rejuvenating waters. These essentials ensure that visitors can fully immerse themselves in the tranquil ambiance of La Fortuna's hot springs while prioritizing comfort and practicality.

What Not to Wear 🧴🚫

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When venturing to the hot springs in La Fortuna, it's important to be mindful of what not to wear or bring along. Avoid wearing body lotions, perfumes, or heavily scented products, as they can disrupt the natural balance of the hot spring waters and may cause irritation to fellow visitors. Similarly, do not attempt to use soap, body washes, or other bathing products while in the hot springs, as they can introduce chemicals and pollutants that harm the delicate ecosystem. By respecting these guidelines and opting for a more natural approach, visitors can help preserve the purity and serenity of La Fortuna's hot springs for all to enjoy.

Safety Guidelines 🦺👍🏾

Staying safe at the hot springs in La Fortuna is paramount for all visitors. Adhering to these simple guidelines ensures a pleasant and secure experience for everyone.

Soak in Intervals ⏳⌚

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It's essential to remember not to stay in the thermal pools for more than 15 minutes at a time in order to prevent the possibility of dehydration, low blood pressure, nausea, or even fainting. The water temperature inside the hot springs pools significantly differs from our own body temperatures. It’s best to approach a relaxing soak in the same way you might limit your time spent in a sauna. Soaking for up to 15 minutes followed by time outside of the pool in order to cool down is the safest way to make sure you maintain healthy blood pressure. You’ll also want to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Always keep your head above water, and refrain from diving, splashing, or exerting too much energy while you enjoy the pools.

Restrictions 🤰🩺

When visiting the Hot Springs in La Fortuna, it's important to observe several restrictions for the safety and well-being of all guests. Firstly, it's advised to wait at least one hour after eating a meal before entering the hot springs to prevent discomfort or digestive issues. Pregnant women should consult with their doctor before soaking in thermal pools, as the high temperatures may pose risks. Similarly, individuals who have suffered a heart attack or have hypertension should seek medical advice before using the facilities to ensure their safety. If you are on medications that can interact with exposure to the higher temperatures found at the hot springs, you should also speak with you health care provider prior to soaking. Older adults and children should always remain in the company of someone from their group who can ensure their safety and well-being throughout their visit.

Guests should exercise caution when walking in the common areas, as the grounds may be wet and slippery. It’s also critical to never bring glass bottles or containers to the hot springs. Not only are these items prohibited, they pose an obvious potential hazard to all guests.

Proper Etiquette 🤗🧘‍♀️

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Proper etiquette at the hot springs in La Fortuna is essential for fostering a harmonious and respectful atmosphere. Firstly, it's important to refrain from removing any plants, rocks, decorations, animals or anything else from the surroundings. If you bring items with you to the hot springs, you’ll want to make sure you take them with you when you leave. Adhering to a "leave no trace" mentality is the best way to preserve the natural environment for everyone to enjoy. When capturing personal photos or videos, always ensure that other guests are not inadvertently included without their consent, respecting their privacy and autonomy. Smoking is strictly prohibited in all public areas, both indoors and outdoors, in compliance with Costa Rica's nationwide anti-smoking policy. Additionally, maintaining a tranquil ambiance is paramount, as visitors come to the hot springs to relax. Keeping noise levels to a minimum and avoiding loud or disruptive behavior ensures that everyone can fully enjoy the rejuvenating qualities of the hot springs. By embodying a quiet, calm, and welcoming demeanor, guests contribute to a positive and serene experience for all at La Fortuna's hot springs.

While adhering to these simple guidelines for etiquette, safety, and environmental responsibility, visitors can fully immerse themselves in the tranquil and rejuvenating experience offered by the hot springs in La Fortuna with confidence. If you’re ever confused or have questions, simply ask a member of the resort’s friendly staff for assistance. By being respectful of the natural surroundings at the La Fortuna Hot Springs resorts, you will not only enhance your own personal enjoyment of the hot springs, but also contribute to a harmonious atmosphere for all.