Birding Tour from Manuel Antonio
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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Birding Tour from Manuel Antonio

Birding Tour from Manuel Antonio

Manuel Antonio Bird Humming

Imagine yourself surrounded by the verdant glory of a spectacular rainforest, the beautifully fresh breeze kissing your cheeks, a symphony of a hundred different birds flooding the world around you with song. This fantasy will become reality for you when you book a Birding Tour through the Naranjito Forest during your stay in Manuel Antonio!

This is the perfect adventure for birders and those who want to devote a day to truly experiencing the beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforests. Your private, personalized tour will be one you’ll never forget.

Explore the Beauty of Naranjito

Manuel Antonio Green Red Bird

When you arrive in the town of Quepos, your transport will take you to the start of your hike in the Naranjito Forest. This transitional rainforest is a wonderland of biodiversity, with rich and vibrant flora surrounding you as you walk. Trees can grow to almost 100 feet tall, towering into the lush canopy above and embracing the other varied vegetation below.

Let the sights and sounds of the jungle wash over you as you walk through the trees. You’ll be encircled by the unique plants native to Costa Rica, such as vivid hibiscus flowers and stunning orchids growing in their natural environments. You may even catch sight (or smell) of the pungent yet entrancing Dutchman’s Pipe - the largest flower in the country.

An Abundance of Birds

Manuel Antonio Capuchin Moneky

While you may catch a glimpse of many types of rainforest animals during this excursion, there’s a reason we call it the Birding Tour. This stretch of the Naranjito Forest is home to at least 250 different species of feathery aviators, making it a birder’s paradise.

Be on the lookout for iconic and playful black-mandibled toucans, particularly visible during their mating season when they begin to throw fruit to one another!

Pink Bird at Manuel Antonio

Witness the keen-eyed short-tailed hawk soar above, then fall fast and heavy onto an unsuspecting lizard for its lunch. Keep your binoculars at the ready to catch sight of the rapidly beating wings of some of Costa Rica’s most beautiful hummingbirds, such as the purple-throated mountain gem or the white-necked jacobin.

Every Naranjito Forest Birding Tour is unique, with birders spotting up to 70 species in a single day. Other flying friends you might catch sight of include doves, trogons, shrikes, plovers, parrots, woodpeckers, and so many more.

Personalized for You

A private Birding Tour booked through Adventure Tour Costa Rica is a great way to see the rainforests of the Manuel Antonio region on your terms. Each booking is personalized, and it includes transportation from your hotel or preferred location in Manuel Antonio to Quepos.

Tucan at Manuel Antonio

With 3 or 4 hours of walking ahead of you, make sure to prepare yourself with sturdy hiking shoes and your camera, as your professional naturalist guide will help you spot as many birds as possible during your tour. Your personal expert will take you to the most strategic spots for viewing beautiful creatures perched high in the trees.

A full morning of trekking through the natural wonder of the Naranjito Forest and looking for tropical birds is invigorating, and you’re sure to work up a hearty appetite.

When booking the Birding Tour, ask about tagging on an authentic wood-fired Costa Rican lunch to your adventure package.

The private, personalized experience of a Naranjito Birding Tour will be a splendid addition to your stay in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.

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Jack & Regina Randall

Reno, NV

Spending the day with our guide was very special. He loves the birds and was able to tell us all about them. We saw so many birds on this trip. The tropical birds were so colorful and fun to watch. The hummingbirds have a lot of personality! Thank you for a great day.

Peter Wills

Modesto, CA

This was a beautiful adventure in nature. You do walk quite a bit so if you have mobility issues this might not be the tour for you. We are both very active so we enjoyed this day. Our guide was a bird lover and he knew so much about the birds we saw. It was wonderful.

Maria and Ross Thomas

Lincoln, NB

Birdwatching was the highlight of our trip. There are so many beautiful birds here. We saw dozens of different birds. We probably loved the toucans the most.

Ward Howard

Chesapeake, VA

My wife and I are both avid birdwatchers. We did a private tour and it was incredible. Our guide helped us identify many of the birds we saw and my wife wrote them in the journal. We got some great pictures too.

Ruth Price

Glendale, AZ

You have to get up early to see the birds and this tour started at 5 in the morning. We saw red capped manakins, about 6 different kinds of tanagers, two different motmots and a scarlet thighed dacnis. The scenery was beautiful too.

Joyce Brooks

Laredo, TX

We saw parrots, toucans and hummingbirds but the best was spotting a gartered trogon. This is a birder's dream.