Isla Damas Mangrove Kayak Tour | Manuel Antonio
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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Isla Damas Mangrove Kayak Tour

Isla Damas Mangrove Kayak Tour

Isla Damas Mangrove Kayak Tour (Manuel Antonio)

When you pick up your paddle to start the Mangrove Kayak Tour of Manuel Antonio, you will be embarking on a 4-hour journey like you’ve never experienced before.

Situated just past the Pacific Ocean’s breakwaters, the Manuel Antonio mangrove forests provide a captivating habitat that is both extremely tranquil and exciting to explore. As you serenely row along the soft currents of the coastline, you’ll get a peek at the paradise of Damas Island and its extraordinary plant and animal life.

A Haven for Manuel Antonio’s Wildlife

A Haven for Manuel Antonio’s Wildlife

Gently rowing through the brackish waters into a world of rainforest fauna, the nature lover is in heaven on the Mangrove Kayak Tour. The natural protection of the mangroves makes this root-filled coast the perfect haven for fish, reptiles, and amphibians seeking shelter from predators.

Glance up through the branches of the trees to catch a glimpse of colorful parrots, tangled boa constrictors, and perhaps even a lounging three-toed sloth. Crabs hop from tree to tree while caimans, river turtles, and iguanas gaze out as you glide peacefully past.

Keep an eye out for every kayaker’s favorite encounter - a visit from the white-faced capuchin monkeys! These curious primates enjoy swinging about and saying hello to passing tourists.

Home to the Protected Mangrove Trees

Home to the Protected Mangrove Trees

As you skim under the brilliant green of the forest canopy, you’ll take in the unique and fascinating ecosystem of the Costa Rican mangrove. As if they are standing on stilts, the red mangrove trees sprout roots that break through the surface of the water. Buttonwood and white mangroves add their own gnarled roots to the branching maze springing from the edge of the rainforest into the briny waters.

A natural boundary separating the Pacific Ocean from the land, mangrove forests are a highly adaptable and valuable environment. The trees that give this biome its name thrive where it would be difficult for other flora to even survive, with its low oxygen levels, dense concentration of salt, and unstable tides. You’ll have a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience in nature!

Navigate your narrow boat beneath organic tunnels created by the trees. The mangroves’ distinctive roots help aerate their sap systems and filter the saltwater for the nourishment they need. Creating a buffer against flooding of the jungle, the trees also store large quantities of carbon in their soil - a great tool for mitigating climate change.

Kayaking through this swampy area, you’ll pass through a habitat Costa Rica is dedicated to protecting. These mangrove forests have been in danger of extinction, for they are some of the most productive environments in the world and rich in biodiversity.

Your Personal Guide and Expert

Your Personal Guide and Expert

You won’t be traversing the canals of roots on your own. Each Mangrove Kayak Tour group will be accompanied by an experienced guide to help you make the most of your trip. Your guide will be well-versed in the unique features of the mangrove forest’s ecosystem and will be able to point out majestic herons, noble ospreys, and perhaps even help you catch a glimpse of a howler monkey or lumbering anteater.

Open to paddlers ages 8 and up, the Mangrove Kayak Tour is both fun and informative for all participants. Previous kayaking experience is not required, and your guide can lend a hand as needed. Your first-rate boat can seat either one or two people, so you can paddle with a partner if you prefer on this diverting excursion.

Top Off Your Adventure with a Costa Rican Picnic

Top Off Your Adventure with a Costa Rican Picnic

Because the tides in this area vary, start times of the Mangrove Kayak Tour vary. But never fear - each one includes a delicious homemade lunch that you get to dig into either before or after your journey.

The Isla Damas Mangrove Kayak Tour is considered one of the best mangrove tours available in all Costa Rica. It’s a stimulating way to explore the natural beauty of a truly exceptional ecosystem in Manuel Antonio. Book your spot today!

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Mark Donner

Cherry Hill, NJ

I loved learning about the ecosystem and the wildlife. Great guide.

Beth Evans

Chevy Chase, MD

The mangrove kayak was a highlight of our trip! We all loved this tour.

Will Levine

Twin Falls, ID

This was really cool and fun. Relaxing too.

Irene Powell

Oak Lawn, IL

We slowly made our way through tunnels in the trees and we were surrounded by animals and nature. It was one of the most most unique tours we've ever done.

Lillian French

Jackson, MS

Amazing family adventure! Kayaking through the mangroves was educational and fun. Our kids loved spotting animals. We saw lizards, birds and monkeys.

Leanne Bonner

Tulsa, OK

Kayaking through the mangroves was a great way teach our kids about the environment. Highly recommend!

Ethan Smith

Albany, NY

This was a great nature tour. The guides were nice.

Kimberly Hoffman

Centennial, CO

My husband and I love kayaking and this was a really cool way to explore. The best part was when we got to paddle through the trees. We went between trunks and ducked under branches. I'd do this again in a heartbeat

Scott Chaney

Great Falls, MT

Peaceful and relaxing. Recommended!

Amy Hartley

New Bedford, MA

If you love nature, this tour is for you. Every moment was magical.

Rosa Diaz

Albuquerque, NM

We saw birds and monkeys in the trees