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La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Pollo Fortuneño

Pollo Fortuneno

Demi-Glaced Lomito

Barbecue and chicken fans alike will definitely want to head to one of two Pollo Fortuneno locations in the heart of La Fortuna. Both locations have the same high-quality, sizzling barbecue options that are cooked the traditional wood-fired Costa Rican way.

At Pollo Fortuneno, you will be welcomed by logos of large flames and chickens to let you know you have arrived at the ultimate place for barbecue in La Fortuna. They are known for being a popular spot for an afternoon or evening out for an amazing barbecue meal with friends or family.

Despite there being plenty of eateries in La Fortuna, Pollo Fortuneno is still able to stand apart from the crowd not only due to their colorful and vibrant branding but because of the quality chicken and barbecue dishes on offer. You can stop by to fuel up after an exciting trip to Arenal Volcano, or have a casual meal before meandering through the nearby central park.

Traditional Wood-Fired Cuisine

Seeing the flame-grilled chicken graphics is one thing, but the smell really brings a lot of people through the door. You can smell the barbecue sizzling, letting you know that nearby is a wood-fired delicacy that is just asking you to come and enjoy it. With real wood fires cooking various cuts and styles of chicken to perfection, it’s hard to pass up. The wood that is used for this wood-fired delight is actually coffee tree wood, which really sets this barbecue apart from your average BBQ joint.

The type of wood and quality of meat they use make Pollo Fortuneno stand out. They have a menu of amazing platter choices that aren’t just chicken-based. They have ribs, port, black beans, corn on the cob and other side options that you would expect from a barbecue restaurant. You will even see some local Costa Rican delicacies, such as plantains on the menu! With sauce choices made of pineapple, mushroom or rich demi-glace, you can’t go wrong.

There’s More Than Barbecue on the Menu

Barbecue chicken is a specialty at Pollo Fortuneno, but there are also some great new dishes to try, such as the Costa Rican traditional chifrijo, a delicious mix of rice, beans, pork and plantains. You can also check out the roast beef and mushroom sandwich.

There is plenty of flame-grilled meat to go around, but they haven’t forgotten about vegetarians.

There is a Vegetarian Casado option with rice, beans, egg, salad and the popular Costa Rican plantain. Vegetarians can also choose a hearty wrap and fries made from skin-on, organic potatoes. The fries are almost as popular as the barbecue at Pollo Fortuneno thanks to the rosemary and thyme seasoning and signature sauce for dipping.

Speaking of those delicious Pollo Fortuneno fries, kids will love digging into those fries after a fun run around the playground. The family-friendly restaurant welcomes every member of the family and has plenty on the menu to appease every taste.

Tropical Drinks and International Brews

Beer and barbecue is like milk and cookies - it just works. Check out the incredible selection of international beer available, or try something more authentic with a local brew. Grab a frosted mug or a pitcher for the table. While many people opt for a beer with their barbecue, there are plenty of tropical cocktails to choose from too.Sangria is a delightful addition to any meal on the menu, and there is an exciting Happy Hour at the Pollo Fortuneno locations. You can also choose a delicious tropical cocktail at the live music event on Saturday nights. It’s hard to pass up a good evening with barbecue and a drink in hand.

Let one of the two Pollo Fortuneno locations serve you and your family delicious wood-fired barbecue, tropical drinks, and a good time when you are visiting La Fortuna.


What is standard tipping practice in Costa Rica?

Costa Ricans are not strangers to the generous tippers from the United States, and in fact many depend upon it. Service industry workers such as drivers and guides are accustomed to receiving what their equals might receive in the US.

However, one notable exception is the Costa Rican restaurant. It in not uncommon to be automatically charged 10% for service and 13% for taxes at many restaurants in Costa Rica. Though some unknowingly tip 15% - 20% on top of this inflated amount, adding 10% for excellent service can be seen as both a gesture of generosity and understanding.