Costa Rica Jungle Booze Cruise | Jaco and Los Suenos
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Jaco, Costa Rica

Jungle Booze Cruise
Rainforest Fun

Rainforest Adventure Booze Cruise

The outdoor adventure sets off from the Playa Jaco and Los Suenos areas. Climb aboard the Rainforest Adventure Safari 4x4 with your friends and family, grab an icy-cold beer from the cooler, and then just kick back and watch the amazingly exotic Costa Rican rainforest unfold before your eyes.

The true treasures of Costa Rica are the small mountain pueblos and the people who inhabit them. On your Costa Rica Booze Cruise you will visit authentic saloons and taverns, meet the local folks where you may choose to and share a traditional Costa Rican drink or two with your newfound friends in your new favorite watering holes.

On your tipsy will pass through several hidden local spots for drinks and fun...all served by some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

No need to worry about the driving, your bilingual guide will transport you safely through backcountry roads, rivers and mountains on your tipsy journey. You will pass through several hidden local spots for drinks and fun – all served by some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

You will begin your tour leaving the Jaco or Los Suenos area and traveling to Quebrada Armarilla. Winding through the beautiful countryside you will continue to Mata de Platano - a tiny town right on the banks of a scenic river. After a pit stop at the local riverside bar and a quick dip in the warm waters of Rio Turrubares, we are back on the trail and headed further up into the sticks.

You will pass through pueblos Angostura, Pavones, Montelimar and San Gabriel, with their rugged country simplicity and stoic old churches.

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Just a beer around the corner and we arrive in Las Delicias - a quiet town where life is stress-free, simple values rule, and no one is in a hurry to go anywhere. Delicias is also home to one of our favorite old barkeeps – the famous Pocho! Just walking into his old western-style saloon will give you a welcoming feeling of a simpler, more peaceful way of life.

If you’re lucky enough to catch Pocho, you’ll want your camera when he brings out his best friend Rolly, (a gorgeous blue macaw). You’ll also want your barstool when he pulls the giant bullhorn off the wall and starts using it to fill shot glasses with his homemade coconut-flavored moonshine. A shot each of this delicious moonshine is included in your tour!

Be sure to fill your belly with Pocho’s delicious fresh river shrimp and ceviche before we press on. Though not included, it's certainly worth purchasing and should not be missed!

Departing Las Delicias we will drive through the sprawling farmlands of the Costa Rica backcountry. Around every turn are staggering views of streams, mountains and vibrant green pastures.

Our next stop is in the town of Bijagual, the home of the only bullfighting arena around, a beautiful town soccer field, and another authentic bar - the only one in town!

The super-friendly staff there will be happy to meet you, and of course offer to make you a delicious cocktail should you decide to purchase one.

Another scenic drive and you will arrive at your final stop before beginning the descent down the mountain. This last stop is a quaint mountain top gem.

Great people and great food are included - cold drinks are available for purchase, too! You will want to savor the unbelievable views of the Nicoya Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean, and breathtaking mountain views.

Following lunch we will begin your trip winding 2000 feet down the mountain, through the rainforest, past a waterfall and back to Adventure Tours headquarters.

Easily accessible with departures from the areas of Jaco Beach and Los Suenos, Costa Rica, our Jungle Booze Cruise is an incredibly unique experience you and yours will not soon forget.

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