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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio & Monkeys
Wildlife & Nature

Manuel Antonio and Monkey Mangrove Combo Tour

Embark on an amazing nature excursion in Manuel Antonio National Park and then explore a unique monkey habitat in one day!

With a 7 am pickup and approximate 5 pm return, this all-inclusive combo tour takes you to one of Costa Rica’s most bio-diverse nature escapes before setting off on a riverboat ride through mangrove-lined waterways.

sloth in costa rica

Departing from areas including Jacó, Los Sueños and Playa Hermosa, your private transport first delivers you to Manuel Antonio Park. Morning is one of the best times to enjoy the lush getaway’s interior, strolling shaded nature trails before the sun reaches full force in midday. That’s a great time to discover Manuel Antonio’s pristine beaches, where white-sand shores meet rich rainforest terrain and calm turquoise waters welcome swimming and snorkeling.

Along the way, your bilingual naturalist guide points out an awe-inspiring array of wildlife. You’ll likely pass under sloths lazing in tree branches as monkeys swing through the upper limbs of the forest canopy. With more than 180 bird species that call the retreat home, be on the lookout for a rainbow variety of tropical birds, most notably the ever-prevalent Scarlet Macaw.

Down below, you’ll probably pass colorful iguanas on your way to shimmering Pacific waters that teem with tropical fish along a coral-rich coast. Settle in at a beachfront eatery to enjoy authentic Costa Rican cuisine that’s included in the package. Take in the stunning scenery at a leisurely pace. Your second adventure awaits!

Oh, the Many Monkeys You’ll Meet!

While the first part of your day introduced you to dozens of different wildlife species, the second leg is all about one — monkeys! White-faced capuchin monkeys to be exact. A smile-inducing adventure for all ages, the serene boat ride eases through their home in a dense mangrove forest and lets you get up close and personal with the curious creatures.

tour with monkeys in costa rica

Set off in a shaded tour boat with an experienced guide. As you glide deeper into the verdant wetlands, you slip past banks with tangles of red, green, black and white mangrove roots. Your guide can help you spot red crabs on the shore and osprey swooping overhead. Silky anteaters forage in the underbrush and “Jesus Lizards” whisk atop the water’s surface. You may have already caught glimpses of them, but the star attractions are yet to come.

The boat slows. Curiosity stirs among a gathering of monkeys in the treetops. They rarely resist the chance to come down for a visit. Playful and inquisitive with no fear of humans, white-faced capuchin monkeys often board the boat to clamber over their visitors. Hold out your arm and let a furry friend softly climb to settle on your shoulder. Make sure someone has a camera ready as a capuchin plops down for a rest on your head!

Contact us to book this unique one-day tour for up-close encounters with Costa Rican wildlife on two fantastic outdoor adventures.

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