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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Savegre Rafting
Whitewater Class III

Savegre Rafting Class III

Why not spend a full day enjoying outdoor adventure travel with some whitewater rafting? Widely acclaimed as the cleanest river in Costa Rica, Savegre offers an unparalleled setting for whitewater rafting enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you're a novice seeking an adrenaline-fueled thrill or a seasoned rafter in search of exploration, this tour promises excitement and family-friendly fun for everyone. Embark on a journey down the Savegre, where breathtaking landscapes and thrilling rapids converge to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Rollick in adrenaline-pumping action as you take on challenging Class III white water rapids

Your Whitewater Adventure Begins

Savegre White Water Rafting Costa Rica

Your journey starts with a scenic drive that takes you deep into the heart of Costa Rica's unspoiled countryside. As you traverse the winding roads, breathtaking panoramas of rolling green hills adorned with lush vegetation and dotted with picturesque villages stretching out before you. Wide-open valleys and towering, jungle-clad mountains dominate the landscape, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle of nature's grandeur.

If you have selected the morning start time for your rafting tour, we'll stop at the quaint hillside village of El Silencio where you can indulge in a delicious, traditional Costa Rican breakfast amidst the rustic tranquility of thatch-roofed dwellings. Once you're fuel up for the adventure ahead, your journey continues onward to the river launch!

River Rafting from Tranquil Runs to Thrilling Rides

Savegre white water river rafting in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica

After some instruction from a seasoned guide, you paddle off. Fed by natural springs and rushing streams in the Central Highlands, the clear waters of the Savegre flow to the Pacific with ever-changing conditions. You’ll glide through calm waters and get the first test of your rafting skills as you maneuver Class II whitewater. Soon you’ll rollick in adrenaline-pumping rapids as you take on the Class III stretches of "Malibu" "Cinderella" and the famed "Devil’s Mouth." Finally, ease out into a coastal estuary teeming with brightly colored tropical birds.

Scenic Views Amid Rainforest Plants and Animals

white face capuchin monkey mother and baby family in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica rainforest

Throughout your journey, ample opportunities will arise to observe Costa Rica's unique wildlife. While navigating the calmer waters between rapids, take a moment to glance towards the riverbanks, where a vibrant array of tropical birds awaits your gaze. Among them, you may spot scarlet macaws, tiger herons, ospreys, and the iconic quetzal with its mesmerizing long tail. Along the banks, keep a keen eye out for monkeys gracefully swinging through the trees, while tapirs and coatimundi may be seen strolling across verdant grounds.

Your excursion will lead you through an expansive stretch of lush primary forest, where mountains adorned with freshwater cascades gradually give way to sprawling palm plantations. You'll drift past the towering rock formations, deep ravines, and steep canyons that line the Savegre. Take a moment to rejuvenate at a magnificent waterfall, where you can indulge in a refreshing swim within its cool natural pool.

What to Bring on Your Adventure Trip

Dress: Wear quick-dry clothing such as swimwear or moisture-wicking performance wear. While tennis shoes are fine, rubber sports sandals with back straps are more advisable. Flip-flops will not serve you well.

Carry: You’ll be glad you brought a waterproof camera — best if it's a Go Pro. Strong, waterproof sunscreen is a must. While the trip is not as buggy as land exploration, insect repellant is a plus. And you’ll appreciate a towel and a change of clothing for after your river ride.

But the number-one thing you will want to bring is the spirit of adventure. You desire to embark on a bold excursion during your visit to Costa Rica and there’s almost no bolder way than with a wild ride on a river raft.

Class III Rapids are typically considered intermediate level and are characterized by moderate, irregular waves. While large waves are occasionally present, these rapids are considered on the intermediate/lower end of the difficulty scale.

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George Kokai

Roseville, CA
I believe our guide's nickname was "Monkey", and he was great. He talked about the flora/fauna/wildlife as we passed by. He was also a very skilled leader on our raft. We had an amazing time and would do it again. It was the dry season, so it was fairly mild. I'd definitely be interested in revisiting when it's a little more adventurous!

Luis Espinoza

New Orleans, Louisiana
Nicolas (aka Nico) was a fantastic river guide and tour guide. He was patient with our family of 5 and provided a ton of insights about the local fauna, animals and culture during the bus ride up and back from the Savegre river. We can not wait to come back! Thank you. Luis

Travis C

Santa Clara, California

The tours are a must try with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. Good surf, good food, and good people make up the trip, along with a bunch of other cool stuff to do. You can get lost in excitement pretty quick when you hit the rapids up or take the zip line. Make sure to be ready for a heck of a time when you go, and go with an empty stomach so you can enjoy the native food.

Brett B

Hamilton, Florida

The rapids are a must do! I had so much fun on the rapids that I ended up doing a second turn at it. I don’t have anything like this where I’m from so it was nice to get to do something so different for a chance. The water was lovely and a lot warmer than I expected. I could have stayed out there all night if I could.

C J Mosley


Costa Rica is a top place to visit on our vacation. You guys have so many choices of what to do at Adventure Tours it’s crazy. Kids and adults can do rafting, go zip lining, or surfing if they want. The zip lines are super cool! You can make your experience as unique as you want with all the activities you guys have to offer. Next year I want to plan another trip and do the stuff I never got a chance to do.

Bam M


Had heard of many of the things you guys offer through friend. She told me that I would be doing myself a disservice by not going. Like a good friend I listened to her advice and went for some rafting and also on zip line tour. She wasn’t just right, she was spot on. That had to have been some of the most fun I recall ever. The only bad part of the entire vacation was that my friend wasn’t there to enjoy it with me.

Christopher V


Adventure tours Costa Rica rocks! I have never done so many new things in my life in one place. I got to go rafting on a river, surfing in the ocean, and drive 4 x 4‘s all over. The views were great and the food was to die for! When you go, you better be ready to have one heck of a time.

Gina M

Columbia, Florida

This trip was totally amazing. Everyone was so willing to help make us feel at home. There is so much to do in Costa Rica, so make sure you have plenty of time in front of you. One of my favorite things was the rafting. It was such a thrill rush. If you’re looking for something new to try, try going out for some sport fishing. The fish are huge, the water is clear, and the breeze feels so nice on a hot day.

Tesla S

Miami, Florida

We decided to take the kids on vacation this past summer. We arrived to a friendly smile and a warm hello. From the moment we arrived we were treated so well. There was never a moment that we weren't having fun. From the rafting to the zip line course, the day was so much fun. Thank you guys for making me feel like a kid again even if it was only for a little while!

Melinda S

San Diego California

This was our third time going through Adventure Tours Costa Rica. We finally feel like we have fully enjoyed all they have to offer. These trips have become a yearly ritual for my family. My kids are obsessed with the rafting. I think I secretly am too!


I had a really good experience working with Adventure Tours. I did three activities with them: white water rafting, and the combo ATV / Canopy. White water rafting was so fun and they kept us safe. The food they provided was great too. For the Combo tour, we went ATVing first. It was an amazing experience and we had a really friendly, knowledgeable guide. After this, we ate lunch and went to Ziplining. The guys were super friendly and kept us safe. The best part of this agency is that they are really responsive when you call with questions and the customer service is great.