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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

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Manuel Antonio Park Tour with a Private Guide

Explore lush tropical terrain teeming with rainforest animals and discover pristine Costa Rican beaches on this exclusive one-day private tour that pairs you with your own, dedicated personal naturalist guide.

Your custom-tailored experience begins with private transportation that delivers you from your accommodations to the renowned nature retreat in comfort and style. One of the country’s most bio-diverse escapes, Manuel Antonio National Park is home to a variety of monkeys, sloths and exotic birds amid a rich jungle landscape before idyllic beaches.

sloth in tree in costa rican park

A Walk Through Costa Rican Wildlife

Entering the park, you’re immediately enveloped by exotic nature. Wind along easy trails through verdant greenery as the calls of yet-unseen howler monkeys echo in the distance. Your bilingual naturalist guide motions to a troop of white-faced capuchin monkeys clambering through nearby branches and notes they’re just one of five monkey species that call the park home. Ever curious, the playful monkeys edge closer to get a good look at you.

You’ll be happy you opted for the personalized attention of a private guide when it comes to spotting sloths. With expressions that can appear almost human, sloths are some of the most camera-friendly creatures you’ll come across. They can also be the most elusive.

Given to blend in with the tree trunks where they laze away days, sloths are easily missed as one strolls along nature paths. You come across a two-toed sloth, as your guide notes, and will stay on the lookout for the three-toed variety as you continue deeper into the dense reserve.

Your route crosses an assortment of multi-colored iguanas that take little notice of your passing. While the laid-back lizards hold your attention for a moment, your eyes whip up to the startling show of scarlet macaws fluttering across your path. While over 180 bird species live in Manuel Antonio, the brilliant rainbow plumage of scarlet macaws presents one of the more stunning displays. Your guide also points out the vivid yellow beak of a keel-billed toucan and directs you to view hard-to-spot red-capped manakins.

beach at Manuel Antonio Park

Time to Bask on a Tropical Beach

Delight in a dramatic shift from jungle to sea as you pop out on an unspoiled beach. It’s a perfect time to enjoy a snack of fresh tropical fruit with bottled water that your guide has provided. Relax before shimmering turquoise waters that lap against white sands in a scene that invites serenity. Your guide mentions that the coral along the coast creates some of the area's best snorkeling spots, allowing you to get up-close looks at starfish, multi-colored parrotfish and striped angelfish. Maybe next time. Now you prefer a refreshing dip in the calm ocean waters.

On the return along nature trails, you spot more wildlife with the help of your guide. You pass squirrel monkeys putting on acrobatic shows, ever-cute coatis scurrying across the forest floor and an array of exotic birds. You might feel heavyhearted having to leave the piece of paradise, were it not for the local experiences that await.

Stroll for a Souvenir

Just outside the park, you’ll find an open-air spot where area artisans offer unique works like hand-carved wooden bowls and handcrafted pottery made with techniques that date to pre-Columbian times. Browse one-of-a-kind wares for a keepsake of your amazing day. Perhaps you‘ll pick up a tiny colorful oxcart or some handmade jewelry to bring back home.

Delight in Costa Rican Cuisine

For lunch, it’s just a short ride to a traditional rancho-style restaurant where you can relax in a serene garden setting. Dine like a true Tico with a starter of ceviche crafted with seafood from local Pacific waters and a refreshing smoothie blended with seasonal fruit. Ready for a delectable entrée? Spanish for “married man,” a “casado” is a customary Costa Rican meal. Savor rice, beans, tortillas and a crisp salad alongside your choice of chicken, pork or fresh-caught fish. You can also go with a vegetarian option for your casado.

monkey in forest in costa rica

Your exclusive transport has you back to your hotel with enough time for an evening out to enjoy the energetic nightlife found all along Costa Rica’s Pacific shores.

A private tour of Manuel Antonio National Park that includes private transportation and a dedicated naturalist guide will take you on an unforgettable rainforest adventure that‘s sure to be a highlight of your trip to Costa Rica.

*Disclaimer - We cannot guarantee what you will and will not see on your nature hike - the animals of the rainforest have a will of their own.

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Laura Foster

Chicago, IL

This was a private tour. The park was clean and beautiful. Our guide had equipment and spoke English really well. We learned a lot and it was so relaxing. Excellent!

Jessica Campbell

Wheeling, WV

I did this with my fiance and our friends. The trails were full of plants and birds were chirping. It was such a cool experience. We saw two monkeys and a sloth with a baby up in the trees! Lunch was delicious.

Lucas Thompson

Vancouver, Canada

The hike was moderate. It was hot but shaded and we got to cool off at the beach. Our guide was friendly.

Janet Simmons

Fort Worth, Texas

Not having to wait in the regular line with our two boys was great. Our guide was knowledgeable and good with the kids. This was fun for our whole family!

Harold Anderson

Salt Lake City, Utah

Having a private guide let us go at our own pace. My wife and I went with another couple. We are seniors and this park has good walking trails. The rainforest is beautiful and we spotted several of the birds my wife wanted see including a toucan and macaws. We also saw monkeys swinging in the trees.

Caleb Johnson

San Diego

Wow! The park was amazing.

Lily Morgan

Stowe, VT

Our guide used her telescope to show us a monkey troop and then we saw some frogs, bugs and a lot of different birds. I was hoping to see a sloth and we did! It was perfect!

Austin Reed

Sparta, Georga

Great tour! Recommended

Grace Walker

Dallas, Texas

We do this tour every time we go to Costa Rica and it never disappoints. Thank you for an amazing day!

Stella Richards

Jacksonville, FL

We did this as a day trip from our cruise ship that docked at Quepos. Coordinating was easy. They picked us up at the port and then had us back in time for departure. There were 10 couples and we all love it.

Dawn K

Santa Rosa,California

You guys have some of the most magnificent scenery in Costa Rica. I absolutely loved going on your wildlife tour and getting to see all the beautiful animals that you have. It was one of the most relaxing things that I have ever done, I hope that I get to experience that at least one more time in my life. Thank you guys for being so awesome in doing what you do it makes a difference.