What to Wear in Jaco Costa Rica
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What to Wear in Jaco Costa Rica?

Date Published:
Jan 20, 2023
What to Wear in Jaco Costa Rica?

If you’re wondering what to wear on your upcoming trip to Jaco Costa Rica, you’re not alone. In this article, we will review the year-round climate in Jaco Beach and the best clothing choices to wear during your vacation.
When it comes to choosing your outfits correctly, you’ll want to consider the weather during your travel dates and the types of tours or activities you plan to do. A general rule of thumb is to pack no less than one outfit per day, though there may be times when you’ll want to change your clothes twice in a single day. Pack practically with your tours and adventures in mind.

Jaco Beach Weather

Jaco Beach is located on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica. As a result of its subtropical climate, Jaco is characterized by warm weather throughout the year. Nightly temperatures in Jaco Beach are never lower than the mid-70s, while day time temperatures can reach to the mid-upper 90s.
From May through November afternoon rain showers are typical. The rainiest months in Jaco Beach are September and October. Locals refer to these months as “Green Season”, a monicar that pays homage to the vibrant colors that become visible in the rainforests due to the increased rainfall.
“Dry Season” in Jaco Costa Rica is from December to April. During this time of year, rainfall is uncommon and the days are consistently sunny and hot. Evenings are also warmer during these months.

Packing for Adventure

Whether you plan on relaxing at the beach, hiking through the rainforests, or getting out on the Pacific Ocean for a full day of action-packed sportfishing, dressing properly for each of your adventures will help to keep you safe and comfortable during your travels. In this section, we will provide our clothing recommendations for each type of activity you may decide to do during your Jaco Beach vacation.

Beach Days & Water Sports

Lazing by the hotel pool or sunning on the beach are readily available pastimes in Jaco Beach. For these activities, you’ll want to wear swimsuits or bikinis and a loose-fitting cover-up or a t-shirt. Pack and bring your own beach towels from home so that you will have plenty of room to spread out. Sturdy flip flops or sandals are a must for hot sands.

For more adventurous water sports like kayaking, paddle boarding, rafting, surfing or sportfishing, we recommend wearing a sporty swimsuit or a one-piece under your clothing that will stay in place while you enjoy your activities. Water shoes or tennis shoes are great choices for active adventures. Consider wearing bug spray on rafting adventures that take place in the rainforest. For fishing charters we recommend ball-caps or other tight-fitting hats with brims and a loose-fitting, long sleeved shirt that can help provide some protection from the wind and sun out on the ocean.
No matter the type of beach or water sport you choose during your Jaco Beach vacation, wearing sunglasses with UV protection and waterproof sunscreen with a high SPF are a must.


Hiking & Jungle Gear

Jaco Beach offers a variety of ways to enjoy Costa Rica’s amazing rainforests. Whether you prefer to hike nearby Carara or Manuel Antonio National Parks on foot, fly across the rainforest on a series of canopy ziplines, or head out on a rugged ATV adventure through the rainforest mountains, appropriate footwear is essential. For all of the adventures you are planning in the rainforest you will want to wear sturdy, closed-toed shoes with good traction, such as hiking boots or tennis shoes. Clothing should be loose-fitting and comfortable. Make sure you are wearing clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty and keep the colors light to help prevent overheating. Good choices include chinos, shorts, or cargo pants and t-shirts. For ATV tours, longer pants can help protect your legs from rocks or other debris.


Dinner & Evening Attire

In keeping with the casual atmosphere of Jaco Costa Rica, most restaurants, bars, clubs and cafes have relaxed dress codes. Comfortable, lightweight clothing is the norm day or night. Khaki pants and polos or short sleeved shirts with loafers are good choices for men, while summer dresses with sandals are great choices for women. Swimsuits or sleeveless tank tops, (on men), are typically less accepted at the nicer restaurants in Jaco Beach. Keeping it “business casual” is a good rule of thumb. If you are uncertain about the rules, you can always check with the restaurant first.
Packing for success is easy when you are traveling to Jaco Beach. This coastal beach town has a laid-back, casual vibe. The typical daily attire you’ll see consists of sundresses, shorts, a t-shirt or tank top, and sandals or flip flops. Due to the heat and humidity at Jaco Beach, choosing lighter fabrics with looser fits will help keep you cool and dry. Temperatures in San Jose and SJO Airport tend to be slightly cooler, so remember to pack a sweater or a light jacket for your flights.