La Fortuna Sloth Territory Hike
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La Fortuna, Costa Rica

Sloth Territory Hike

La Fortuna Sloth Territory Hike

Nestled amidst the vibrant rainforests of La Fortuna, this incredible wildlife hike provides a unique opportunity to observe and learn about one of the world's most beloved creatures – the sloth. With their languid movements and endearing demeanor, sloths captivate visitors with an undeniable charm. As you traverse the lush jungle trails with your bilingual guide, keep your eyes peeled for these gentle creatures lounging among the treetops.

Costarican Sloth
With their unhurried lifestyle, these gentle creatures have captivated the hearts of nature enthusiasts worldwide

Discover The Tranquil World of Sloths

Led by experienced and knowledgeable guides, the La Fortuna Sloth Territory Hike begins with a leisurely .75 mile stroll through the area’s well-maintained trails. As you explore the lush surroundings, your guide will share fascinating insights about the sloths' behavior and characteristics with you.

Let The Chill Vibes Guide Your Journey

chill vibes sloth la fortuna costa rica

One of the most captivating aspects of this adventure is the chance to witness sloths in their natural habitat. Both two and three-toed sloths call the protected Sloth territory home.

Daylight loving three-toed sloths can be observed leisurely hanging from tree branches as they slowly munch on a variety of leaves.

It’s not uncommon to see baby and adolescent sloths clinging to their mothers high in the canopy. Meanwhile, nocturnal two-toed sloths spend their afternoons nestled amongst the treetops as they peacefully snooze the day away.

Be One With Nature

sloth in La fortuna costa rica

As you make your way through the lush trails at the Sloth Territory, keep your eyes peeled for a diverse array of exotic birds and other wildlife that can be spotted here. Bird songs, scampering iguanas, and colorful flora add to the enchanting ambiance of the rainforest.

With local transportation from La Fortuna included, the Sloth Territory Hike is truly an adventure of relaxation and enjoyment.

Embark on a journey that is sure to leave a lasting appreciation for the remarkable sloths of Costa Rica.
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Jessica Hughes

Kenner, LA

We saw sloths, birds, two frogs a lizard and a monkey! Highly recommended.

James Burgess

Jacksonville, Florida

Great guide. Recommended

Amelia Wilson

Culpeper, VA

It's amazing how slow these animals move. We watched one sloth chewing the same leaf for about 5 minutes! They are very cute.

Douglas Manning

Burbank, CA

This was a lot of fun for our family

Kyle Lowery

Beaverton, OR

This is a great tour for seeing sloths in the wild. The hike wasn't too strenuous and we had a great time.

Mia Robinson

Asheville, NC

We saw a sloth with her baby in the tree tops. It was so sweet! Love this tour.

Ryan Quinn

West Haven, CT

Perfect nature hike! Recommended.

John & Candice Nelson

Alpharetta, GA

The forest was beautiful and our guide was really informative. Recommended!

Maria Sandoval

New Rochelle, NY

We went to the sloth sanctuary in Monteverde and then we did this sloth territory in La Fortuna. Incredible wildlife!

Martha Church

Des Moines, Iowa

My daughter is crazy about sloths. When we saw this tour, we knew we had to book it. This was a lot of fun. We saw several sloths and the tour guide told my daughter amazing facts about them. She was completely mesmerized! Excellent family adventure!