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Why you should consider Costa Rica in the ‘Green Season’!

Date Published:
Sept 02, 2014
Why you should consider Costa Rica in the ‘Green Season’!

Costa Rica is a fascinating and incredibly beautiful country, it is no secret. Most visitors plan their vacations in the first few months of the year, considered the ‘high’ or ‘dry’ season. By visiting at this time of year, vacationers are assured a dry, rainless vacation experience, loads of sunshine and a whole lot of other tourists. It is rarely planned to visit during the ‘green’ or ‘rainy’ or ‘low’ season, which starts at the end of the North American summer (generally late August and ends in late October or November, depending on which part of the country you visit.

I want to suggest a visit during this much tabooed ‘Green Season’, and let me tell you why….

  1. 1. Green is Golden.
  2. They say the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color. If that is true, then the best opportunity you have in your life to see the widest spectrum of green is in the wet season. It is fluorescent and iridescent and absolutely awakening. It is lush and fresh and animals abound. It does rain, absolutely, but in a fairly consistent manner which allows you to plan your days around it. You can pretty much expect bright fresh mornings with golden streams of sunlight glinting of the morning dew, and then come late afternoon expect a shower, most often fleeting. Instead of dust, expect ‘LUSH.’

  3. 2. You have the waves to yourself.
  4. Generally that phrase is enough to get surfers the world round running to booking their flights. To be more specific, fewer tourists mean less competition for the amazing waves which can be had year-round, and all over the country. Just yesterday we visited a popular surf break with ideal rights and lefts pealing like a dream, and the only two surfers were my friend and I for as far as the eye could see. Forget Huntington Beach crowds and Escondido line-ups…this is your chance to take every wave and ride it out.

  5. 3. One on One Attention (”VIP Service” or similar).
  6. You can attempt all of the Adrenaline pumping, unforgettable adventure activities available and never have to wait for others. Your transport is your own private VIP shuttle most of the time. You don’t even have to pay extra! Imagine Canopy Tours/Ziplines where just you and your friends or family are the only attendees…. ATV Tours where you meet the locals, National Park tours where it’s just you and the animals…..

  7. 4. Lower prices.
  8. And who doesn’t love a bargain?? In case you haven’t done the research yet, prices drop significantly during the Green Season in Costa Rica. From flights, to hotels, shopping, and more. You get the most bang for your buck. Discounts are offered and negotiations are accepted if you pay in cash.

If you are looking to find the Pura Vida vibe and really get to know the real Costa Rica, the Green Season is the time to seriously consider for your next vacation. You will be amazed at what you will find!