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Jaco, Costa Rica

Jaco Surf Lessons
Learning to Surf in Jaco

Jaco Surf Lessons

Native Costa Rican ex-pro surfers are the heart and soul of Adventure Tours’ Jaco Surf Lessons on Playa Jaco near Los Suenos, Costa Rica.

With more than 25 years of local surfing instruction, experience, and passion – no one is better suited to get you up and surfing on your first day!

Adventure Tours’ Jaco Surf Lessons provide the highest quality surf instruction in the Jaco, Los Suenos and Hermosa area.

With the best learning wave in the country - Jaco Costa Rica, and the most widely-respected instructors in the area, Adventure Tours’ Jaco surf lessons provide the highest quality surf instruction in the Jacó, Los Suenos and Hermosa area.

Safety and preparation are the most important components to great surf instruction. For that reason every Jaco surf lesson begins with instruction on the basics of surfing, water safety, surfing etiquette, wave dynamics, paddling, wave position, stretching and standing up on the board.

Arrive at the beach, transportation, drinks, board rental and instruction are all included in your lesson. We welcome all levels of students from beginner to intermediate to our Jaco surf lessons on Playa Jaco near Los Suenos, Costa Rica.

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Waleed A


My mom had a great time learning to surf. Thank you for everything, you guys went above my expectations!

Brandon L


Five star rating

Ken B


. I had a real fun time going surfing. Check out Adventure tours Costa Rica if you get a chance.

Dennis M


Thank you Adventure Tours. You guys made our time in Costa Rica so much fun.

Vincent B


The surfing in Costa Rica is off the hook. Big waves an awesome people make it a great time. Any skill level can go which makes it a beautiful place for all ages. There are people out there that seemed semi professional as well as little kids just learning how to surf for the first time. Everybody is left feeling welcome by the people there, and they never judges anyone on how well they were.

Travis C

Santa Clara, California

The tours are a must try with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. Good surf, good food, and good people make up the trip, along with a bunch of other cool stuff to do. You can get lost in excitement pretty quick when you hit the rapids up or take the zip line. Make sure to be ready for a heck of a time when you go, and go with an empty stomach so you can enjoy the native food.

Claudia S

Hardee, Florida

You guys have some really awesome surfing spots in Costa Rica. This was my third different time surfing with you at Adventure Tours. Each time I have gone I’ve been given a different but equally good experience. We hit up a bunch of favorite spots that were popular with the locals. It was a really chill time each time and I felt the love for nature in everyone I met.

C J Mosley


Costa Rica is a top place to visit on our vacation. You guys have so many choices of what to do at Adventure Tours it’s crazy. Kids and adults can do rafting, go zip lining, or surfing if they want. The zip lines are super cool! You can make your experience as unique as you want with all the activities you guys have to offer. Next year I want to plan another trip and do the stuff I never got a chance to do.

Sherman J


Took a trip with you guys to go surfing and rafting. I also did a little bit of Zip lining as well while I was there.They take you throughout the place, and make sure that you have gotten your moneys worth. The waves were perfect for riders and the rafting was intense. Everyone was about making the best of the time they had there so it was all peaceful vibes.Glad I chose you guys.

Pedro G


This year we decided to go to Costa Rica on vacation. I was ended up going surfing, fishing, and did some zip lining. It was a very enjoyable vacation filled with many firsts.I really enjoyed everything that you guys had to offer, it is definitely something I would like to do again.It was almost like I was a kid again, just having fun carefree of all the worries in the world. This is definitely something I could see myself doing more often.

Doug B

Sarasota, Florida

You guys have the two best things ever; surfing and rafting. Where I live there is nowhere to do either so it was a ton of fun trying them both out for the first time. I took to the water like a fish (at least that’s what I was told) and really enjoyed it. I am sold on the thought of moving closer to spots which offer these kind of activities.

Tony S


Have you ever tried zip lining? How about surfing? Neither did I... until now! Thank you Adventure Tours Costa Rica, without you guys I may have never tried them. You too can try zip line or go surfing with them. You can also try many other activities too. I would do it all again, and I will be sure to, if I ever get the chance to go back.

Paula M

Bradford, Florida

Adventure Tours Costa Rica is the best. They have an amazing team of people working together to make any tour you decide to take the best one that you ever do. The zip lines are thrilling, the surfing is out of this world, and the scenery speaks for itself. So beautiful, so fun, and well worth the trip. I would love to go again.

Christopher V


Adventure tours Costa Rica rocks! I have never done so many new things in my life in one place. I got to go rafting on a river, surfing in the ocean, and drive 4 x 4‘s all over. The views were great and the food was to die for! When you go, you better be ready to have one heck of a time.

Andrew D

Tampa, Florida

had a blast doing some pretty intense activities. This was way out of my comfort zone of things to do, but a close friend convinced me to let my guard down. I had never tried surfing before so that was neat to do. I wasn't good at all but the guys made me feel like i wasn't a noob. They are very laid back guys and didn't judge me on anything which was comforting. as someone not very athletic it was pretty cool to feel like I was. thanks!

James H

El dorado, California

This was the most incredible place I have ever been to! Such wonderful people and the food was delicious. I tried a lot of things that I never thought I would have tried. I met a few locals that I keep in contact with to this day. This was not only a vacation, it was a life changing time for me. Thank you so very much Adventure Tours Costa Rica you all rock.

Jeremy S


You guys rock! I love how you took your surroundings and made it even more tranquil.I don't know what was the best part of the tour. From surfing with some pretty cool people, to taking ATVs all across the landscape. This was one of the most amazing times I have ever experienced. Just wanted to say thank you for such a good time. I will be recommending you to anyone that will listen.

William M

Santa Clara, California

I went to Costa Rica to visit a friend. He took me surfing and on a tour. The tour guides were very friendly and kept coming out with fun facts about the area. Everyone turned a nice day into a day that was really cool

Brad P

Charlotte, Florida

My friend and I took the ATV tour and took some surf time too. The surf in Costa Rica is pretty sweet and the locals are really relaxed. It was cool to learn about Costa Rica while getting to catch some good waves.