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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Monkey Mangrove
Wildlife Encounter

Monkey Mangrove Tour

Close to Playa Jaco and Los Suenos, our Costa Rica Monkey Tour provides your group with non-stop smiles. This is a truly exotic experience that can be enjoyed by adventurers of all ages and activity levels. Our riverboat tour is safe and perfect for families with small children who want to experience interacting with wild white faced capuchin monkeys first-hand.

Experience the sights and sounds of the Costa Rica monkey mangrove

This once in a lifetime opportunity takes place in a swampy mangrove forest located near Damas Island on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. The wild monkeys and other Costa Rican wildlife thrive in this tropical habitat. The mangrove is full of tall trees, flowers, tropical plants and most notably, the tangled thicket of exposed tree roots that surround the edge of the brackish water.

There are only three types of monkeys in Costa Rica and our Costa Rica Monkey Mangrove Tour gets our guests up close and personal with the curious white faced cappuccinos. The shaded passenger boat glides slowly down the mangrove river and is the perfect way to experience the flora and fauna of the monkeys’ natural habitat. All of our tours have a bilingual guide that provides informative insight while pointing out all of the interesting critters that live along the mangrove swamp river’s edge.

Look up, look down, look around

sloth in a tree

The best way to experience this Costa Rican Monkey Tour is to keep your eyes and ears open! From red crabs emerging from the holes in the mud, to sloths sleeping high up in the trees, to the whisk of the green basilisk lizards running on top of the river water - there is something always moving in the mangrove.

The excitement of the tour heightens when the guide begins to mimic the call of the wild Costa Rican monkeys. The monkey families look down on your boat from high up in the trees. When the river boat stops, the natural curiosity of the white faced capuchin monkeys piques. The guide will hand you a tiny bit of smashed banana and with a little instruction on what to do when the monkeys reach the boat, you are ready.

There’s a Costa Rican monkey on your head!

monkey on a woman's head on a tour in Costa Rica

There are smiles all around when the monkeys come down from the trees. Our guests enjoy the interesting feeling of having a small monkey climb softly all over them. These white capuchin monkeys are wild but love the treats that the guide provides. If the monkeys cooperate, there can be time to interact with the monkeys multiple times.As with all of Adventure Tours Costa Rica’s tours, this is a safe and respectful animal adventure so there can be no guarantees regarding animal interaction. But we can guarantee that there are many “wow” moments on this riverboat mangrove tour and the picture opportunities are endless. As there is no age requirement for our monkey mangrove tour, your little adventurers will cherish the memory of feeding a monkey or even having one sit on their head! So if you're in or around Jaco Beach or Los Suenos, Costa Rica, don't miss the chance to take this unique tour.

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Manuel Antonio and Monkey Mangrove Combo Tour

Manuel Antonio & Monkeys

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Julius leach

This trip was amazing, great service quick feed back nice people all around great trip


Fantastic! So much fun with our guide Diago. We learned so much about the the eco system. I would highly recommend this adventure.

Mary G


I had so much fun visiting the monkey mangrove with my family. It is a cute place to visit to see the wildlife of Costa Rica.

Diggie B

Palm Beach, Florida

I took my four year old daughter on a wildlife tour last week. It was her first time going on anything like this and she was amazed by everything that she saw. She was a little scared at first, probably because she felt overwhelmed, but she soon got over that and quickly began having fun. She kept tugging on my shirt pointing at the monkeys telling me that they were taunting her. She thought it was hilarious. Anyone that likes wildlife should definitely book a tour with Adventure Tours.

Brenden M


I took the ATV and monkey tours through Adventure Tours Costa Rica. The price was more than affordable and worth every dollar I spent. Friendly staff greeted us as soon as we arrived, and they were filled with information and were very helpful as well. I had so much fun there that I decided to buy my own ATV and find places to go where I live. I found a passion that I didn't realize I had until I went to Costa Rica. great work everyone.

Larry N


I took my wife on one of your monkey Tours for an anniversary gift. She is a big monkey lover so for her this was a special thing. She had always wanted a chance to be to be closer to the animals like this. when she realized what we were actually doing she broke down with tears of happiness. Everyone went out of their way to make that day the best day possible. I am forever grateful to you guys for the care and respect you showed us.

Fran Elberly

North Carolina

Best thing about Jaco! I highly recommend this company for tours. We had a blast over multiple days with Adventure Tours Costa Rica. We went on a monkey tour, a crocodile tour and spent a full day on ATVs in the jungle. The staff was professional and super friendly. Everyone in our group enjoyed themselves!

Mechelle Little –

The Mangrove Monkey tour was an incredible experience that I would do over and over again! The guides/staff were incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, we had great weather and it was great to see so many monkeys out. I highly recommend this company and tour for guests of any age who want a true Costa Rican experience.