Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour
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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour

Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour

Manuel Antonio Catamaran

Make your island vacation dreams come true with our Playa Biesanz Catamaran Tour excursion from Manuel Antonio! This trip down the coast of Costa Rica on an idyllic catamaran will strike that longed-for combination of rejuvenation and adventure to make your Manuel Antonio getaway the trip of a lifetime.

During your ride on this beautiful catamaran, you’ll experience luxurious water travel and a visit to one of the loveliest hidden beaches the region has to offer.

Playa Biesanz: A Hidden Gem

Sunbathing at Manuel Antonio Catamaran

The destination of your catamaran tour will be a secluded beach called Playa Biesanz, a picturesque crescent-shaped stretch of shoreline tucked away just south of Manuel Antonio.

The beautiful sandy coast sweeps into the calm, shallow waters just outside the rainforest, making this the perfect spot to go for a relaxing dip in the ocean.

Lining the cove of Playa Biesanz are the tropical jungle trees that fill Manuel Antonio, home to all sorts of monkeys, sloths, birds, and lizards.

Catamaran Slide at Manuel Antonio

A peek at one of these rainforest natives will make your beachgoing memories truly unique! The small, hidden beach will have you feeling like a local in Costa Rica’s exotic paradise.

Its white sands lie off the beaten track, so kick back on a beach chair and enjoy an incredibly tranquil stop on your tour.

Sail Alongside Sea Creatures

Whale at Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour

You’ll set sail on this amazing catamaran to travel through the crystalline turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean.

On your catamaran ride to Playa Biesanz, be on the lookout for signs of humpback whales or dolphins breaking the water's surface. You may even catch sight of a fin of the famous Pacific sailfish which brings anglers from around the world to Costa Rica!

Riding on the Manuel Antonio catamaran will be an adventure in and of itself. This 100-foot-long catamaran will provide you with true luxury.

Dolphins at Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour

It’s fun in the sun for all ages, with two gigantic trampolines and winding water slides to keep kids and teens entertained while adults enjoy the onboard bar.

While making your way through the waves to Playa Biesanz, pre-game your sunbathing by stretching out on a tanning mesh to soak in the dazzling Costa Rican sunshine. Or if you prefer, take a dip in the onboard Jacuzzi to break in your bathing suit before the day’s next underwater adventure.

Explore the Cove with Snorkeling - Included!

Snorkeling at Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour

In addition to a meal and drinks, your trip aboard the catamaran out of Manuel Antonio also includes a snorkeling excursion! Here’s your chance to really take in the ocean life up close. Explore the aquatic creatures that take refuge in the cove’s calm waters.

On your snorkeling adventure, investigate the ocean floor for sea stars, shells, and living coral. Peer through your mask at tropical fish and jellyfish, and maybe even the elusive moray eel! Just ask one of your Ocean King hosts for the equipment needed to dive down alongside these ocean inhabitants.

A Perfect Ending to Your Perfect Day

Manuel Antonio Catamaran Ocean View

Back aboard the catamaran and ready to head back to your Manuel Antonio hotel, grab yourself a tropical drink from the catamaran’s bar. You have one more treat in store for you after your day of fun and refreshment at Playa Biesanz. Kick back and make one more memory of your perfect day - a spectacular Costa Rican sunset over the ocean.

Ensure your Costa Rican vacation in Manuel Antonio is one to remember by booking a spot on the Manuel Antonio Catamaran Tour!

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David Bell

Wichita, KS

We spotted dolphins on this tour. Highly recommended!

Sarah Perry

Raleigh, NC

This was a great day. Snorkeling was a bonus and the water was warm. We loved the slide!

Kim Wong

Victoria, BC

We saw a whale! When we got to the beach we went swimming and the water was really clear. This tour was great.

Lauren Williams

Norfolk, Virginia

Some monkeys came out on the sand at the beach and they were playing in the trees. We really loved this tour. Would go again

Christopher Martinez

Orlando, FL

We got free cocktails. They also served a tasty lunch.

Jack Tremblay

Toronto, Ont

The guides were really nice. Everyone was smiling and laughing. It was a great day.

Heather Johnson

Philadelphia, PA

My mom and I did this tour. The crew were friendly and we loved relaxing in the lounge chairs with our drinks. What a view!

Michael Johnson

Las Vegas


Michelle Brown

Houston, Texas

They picked us up from our hotel in Manuel Antonio. This was a great tour. We had margaritas in the hot tub.

Amelia Wilson

Atlanta, GA

My favorite part was probably the hidden beach. It was gorgeous. They had activities like a slide and snorkeling.

Sheri Kensington

San Francisco, CA

We had a sunny day decided to take this tour. We got to snorkel at the inlet. The water was clear and we saw lots of different fish. It was fun.

Mason Gallagher

Miami, Florida

Seeing the coast from the sea was beautiful. We loved the food and drinks and saw dolphins on the way to the beach.