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Carara, Costa Rica

Crocodile Mangrove
Thrilling Wildlife Tour

The Crocodile Mangrove Tour

Featured on National Geographic and Animal Planet, The Costa Rica Crocodile Tour is one of the most popular tours for thrill-seekers and nature lovers alike in the Jaco Beach and Los Suenos areas of Costa Rica.

With over two-thousand crocodiles living at the mouth of this river, Tarcoles is home to the largest concentration of crocs per square kilometer in all of Central America.

The convergence of three ecosystems...draws an incredible variety of wildlife to a uniquely concentrated area.

With the convergence of three ecosystems – river, swamps and the Pacific Ocean – the mouth of the river Tarcoles draws an incredible variety of wildlife to a uniquely concentrated area. Birding enthusiasts come from all over the world to observe the incredible variety of rare species found here, and private birding tours can be arranged on request. Those who come to Costa Rica with monkeys and sloths on their agenda often leave satisfied as well after a sunset tour. With over 15 years of experience observing the mangroves and river mouth of Tarcoles, our crocodile tour educates, thrills and leaves nothing to chance.

Don’t miss out on this incredible Costa Rican experience - Just 20 minutes away from the Jaco and Los Suenos area!
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