Manuel Antonio Zipline Canopy Tour
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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio Zipline Canopy Tour

Manuel Antonio Zipline Canopy Tour

Manuel Antonio Zipline

Discover the most breathtaking views Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica has to offer on this adventurous tour of the rainforest canopy! From sky-high platforms to thrilling ziplines, it will be an excursion you'll never forget.

If you want to take in the beauty of the jungle from high in the trees, this is the tour for you. With transportation to and from your Manuel Antonio hotel, a Costa Rican meal provided for extra refreshment, and a bilingual guide to (quite literally) show you the ropes, we’ve got you covered on the Zipline Canopy Tour.

Flying through the Treetops

flying on the tree tops

Amp up your Costa Rican vacation with a day packed with ziplining on 11 different cables stretched between treetop platforms throughout the jungle canopy of Manuel Antonio.

As you step off the podium into the open air, feel the rush of freedom and delight as the fresh oxygen fills your lungs and you soar through the unblemished natural wonder around you.

Like an amusement park ride built right into nature, you will zoom through the lush limbs of the trees and hurtle past the verdant flora of the forest.

Guy on the Manuel Antonio Zipline

Capture that rush of adrenaline as you experience what it’s like to glide around the rainforest just like the vibrant scarlet macaws, black-mandible toucans, and blue-throated golden-tails that call it home.

Gaze down upon Manuel Antonio’s natural beauty from any of the 22 platforms scattered throughout the ziplining course. If you are feeling extra adventurous, have a go on the Tarzan Swing and let loose your best jungle cry!

Make the Most of Your Adventure Guide

Manuel Antonio Canopy Flying

If it’s your first time on a zipline, never fear! You’ll be accompanied by an experienced guide who can walk you through instructions and give a demonstration. He’ll also brief you on all of the safety measures in place to make sure you are comfortable enough to let loose and enjoy the ride!

Our ziplines come with top-of-the-line safety equipment to make sure every adventurer is completely secure. Strap your helmet securely on your head, make sure your harness is comfortable, and allow your guide to inspect your equipment and give you the “ok” before you take the exciting plunge. Make sure you have sturdy shoes to navigate the platforms and bridges. Children 6 and older are welcome to take part in the fun!

Become One with the Monkeys

Manuel Antonio Canopy Tour

Pay close attention to your guide - not just for safety purposes, but so you don’t miss a thing! Your adventure expert will be on alert to help you spy any of the native wildlife roaming through the rainforest canopy during your excursion.

As you venture over suspension bridges connecting trees and platforms, keep an eye out for the white faces of the beloved capuchin monkeys of Manuel Antonio. Experience what it's like to swing like a primate through the jungle alongside these adorable critters!

Sloth at the Canopy Tour

An Empowering Adventure

Ziplining is a great way to make the most of your vacation in Costa Rica. Not only will you have access to some gorgeous panoramas of the primary rainforest that are inaccessible from the ground, but your experience will also set your blood pumping and have you feeling as though you can do anything. Manuel Antonio’s thrilling Zipline Canopy Tour helps you get out of your comfort zone and seize the day - all while keeping you safe and sound.

If you find yourself staying in the one-of-a-kind rainforest region of Manuel Antonio, don’t miss your chance to take part in the Zipline Canopy Tour. It’s absolutely the adventure of a lifetime!

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Drew Hardin

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica
Great tour and experience overall. Staff were absolutely amazing from the security at the gate to the front desk to the guides on the trip. Could not be happier with our experience.

Susan bassett

Westport , Ct
Great experience with great guides