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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Ocean Kayaking

Ocean Kayaking

Ocean Kayaking (Manuel Antonio)

Do you want to experience the Pacific Ocean like never before on your trip to Costa Rica? Ocean Kayaking in Manuel Antonio is the perfect way to spend your day.

On this 4-hour excursion, you’ll not only enjoy the invigorating activity of paddling through the crystal-clear waters of the ocean, but you’ll also get the chance to visit Costa Rica’s captivating aquatic wildlife in its natural habitat. Your kayak trip includes a stop in Biesanz Bay, a spectacular secluded cove that is the perfect spot for snorkeling among the native fish and sea turtles.

Fun for All Ages

Fun for All Ages

Ocean Kayaking is the perfect outing for your family. Because it’s easier than kayaking on a flowing river, paddlers ages 8 and up are all welcome. No previous experience is required to take part in the beautiful trip into the Pacific. With top-of-the-line kayaks that seat either one or two people, you can team up or fly solo on this diverting excursion.

Will this be your first time kayaking? Never fear - each group taking part in Ocean Kayaking will be accompanied by an experienced guide who will provide a safety orientation and tips for the ultimate on-the-sea experience. Your guide will lead you to the best spots to take in the natural wonder of Costa Rica from the sea.

Take In Stunning Landscapes

Take In Stunning Landscapes

Along with your sunscreen and your towel, be sure to bring along a waterproof camera when your shuttle picks you up from your Manuel Antonio hotel for a half-day of kayaking. You’ll want to capture plenty of memories of the incredible, varied geography you pass by during the trip.

On the way to Biesanz Bay, you’ll paddle past tiny islands that are the nesting homes of many marine birds that call Costa Rica home. Gaze upon the majestic mountains of the Pacific’s Ring of Fire from the base where these towering landforms meet the ocean, impressive peaks created from volcanic and seismic activity.

Take In Stunning Landscapes

On your journey, you'll glide tranquilly past pinnacles of stone and cliffs covered with the flora of the rainforest. Breathe in the fresh ocean air while you create lifelong visual memories of the stunning natural formations around you.

Experience the Aquatic Ecosystem Up Close

Experience the Aquatic Ecosystem Up Close

As you kayak to the bay, wave hello to passing pelicans and turtles. Keep an eye out for a shimmering flying fish leaping out of the water's surface!

When you arrive at the private beach of Biesanz Bay, you'll take a break from paddling. Spend a minute resting your arms and soaking in the glorious sunshine, but don't leave without grabbing a snorkel mask and exploring the underwater ecosystem up close! Dive into a world of fantastic color as you visit the home of parrotfish, angelfish, starfish, and more along the bay's coastline.

Wind Down with a Costa Rican Picnic

Wind Down with a Costa Rican Picnic

After thirty minutes of refreshing yourself and snorkeling, your group will kayak back to the pier where your journey began. Enjoy debriefing your adventure with one another over cool beverages and a delicious homemade meal included in your Ocean Kayaking package.

Throughout the year, you can start your day off with the energizing kayak session that starts at 8:00 AM, which includes a pick-up from your hotel or a location in Manuel Antonio and ends with a picnic lunch. It’s the perfect activity for a peaceful yet invigorating morning. During the dry season (December through April), you can also take advantage of the great weather conditions and opt for the afternoon session that begins at 1:30 PM and includes your picnic afterward.

Wind Down with a Costa Rican Picnic

Ocean Kayaking is a stimulating way to explore the natural beauty of Costa Rica from Manuel Antonio. Book your spot today for your chance to take in the stunning landscapes, turquoise Pacific waters, and captivating aquatic wildlife.

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Lynn Francis

Minneapolis, MN

We loved exploring hidden spots and seeing the colorful fish. Such a memorable adventure for our family!

Ayla Hoffman

Schenectady, NY

Our family of 4 loved this tour. The boys had a blast at the beach. It was a wonderful adventure.

Susan Valdez

Anaheim, CA


Sam Brown

Leicester, GB

This was great. We've done four other adventures with this company and each one has been brilliant.

Alissa Wilkinson

Harrisonburg, VA

The view of the shoreline from the ocean was incredibly stunning. It almost takes your breath away. Awesome tour.

Damien Sanchez

Chino, CA

The beach we went to had clear water and you could see everything. Snorkeling was the highlight of the trip.

Jake Ballard

Nashville, TN

If you love kayaking, do this tour.

Gabriella Newton

Portland, OR

When we got to the little cove it felt like we were the first people to ever step foot there. It was so peaceful and the views were truly beautiful.

Joe Fuentes

Tuscon, AZ

We did the morning tour and had a picnic lunch at the beach. Great tour

Shane McConnell

Middletown, CT

This was the highlight of our trip. We love kayaking and this was one of the most beautiful spots we've done.

Chanelle Gibbons

Pittsburgh, PA

Great trip. Thank you!