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Jaco, Costa Rica

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Advanced Break Surfing

Costa Rica Surf Tours

Spend the day surfing some of the world-class breaks that surround Jaco Beach and Los Suenos with Adventure Tours experienced local surf guides.

With more than 25 years of local surfing experience – no one knows every rip, reef, break and bend of Costa Rican surf better than Adventure Tours.

We can take you to the right break for you!

Jaco Beach in Costa Rica

Whether you are just learning how to surf, or are an advanced surfer looking to score some tube time, we can take you to the right break for you. Depending on tide and swell it's not uncommon to get in 2-4 sessions a day so get ready to surf your brains out.

There are a variety of surfable beaches with different breaks all easily reachable from the Central Pacific’s Paradise of Surf, and Adventure Tours’ main office in Jaco. All your transportation, food, board rental and professional bilingual guide are included in your tour price.

Take a Full-Day Surf Tour

The following is a list of some of the breaks we tour on our Full-Day Surf Tour:

- Playa Jacó (novice to advanced) - Excellent learning wave. Good beach break to warm up on before taking on nearby Playa Hermosa. Good when the surf is not too big - tends to close out when it gets over 6 feet.

- Playa Hermosa (intermediate to advanced) - Home of the Billabong World Surf Tournament 2009 - Playa Hermosa is often referred to as the most consistent beachbreak in Costa Rica due to the fact that its head high 350 days a year. Four miles of scalloped black sand and open exposure to just about any swell except northwest, though it shows its true face on a solid south. And when there’s decent swell, you’ll find some of the best tubes in the country along this stretch.

- Roca Loca (Advanced) - A rocky point with rights that break over submerged rocks. To get to the point we make a short climb.

- Boca Barranca (moderate to advanced) - The wave itself is a classic rivermouth setup, with sediment washing down the Barranca river and depositing shifting—and occasionally perfect— sandbars at its gaping wide mouth. It’s not uncommon to get 200-yard-long lefts, and when the bars are just right, half-mile rides are possible.

- Puerto Caldera (moderate to advanced) - This spot has a very good left located 3 km south of Boca Barranca, Puntarenas.

- Playa Escondida (advanced) - This horseshoe- reefbreak, just north of a prominent, jungle-covered headland, offers excellent, hollow lefts and good rights when a strong southwest is pushing in. The left can be a world-class, bowly barrel on a good day, while the right is much less hollow but still a really fun wave.

- Playa Esterillos (novice to advanced) - To the south of Hermosa lies a slightly more secluded, lesser-known little beach village called Esterillos, and the breaks of Esterillos Oeste, Esterillos Centro and Esterillos Este. The area is stocked with good beach breaks, as well as offering some outside reef waves and a couple river mouths. Esterillos faces nearly due south (as opposed to Hermosa’s more southwest orientation), so it plays a good host to the straight south swells of summer.

So what are you waiting for. Plan your amazing surf trip by Playa Jaco and Los Suenos, Costa Rica today!
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