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Jaco, Costa Rica

Pachi's Pan
Bakery and Fast Food

Pachi's Pan

Fresh Soft Breads, Flaky Pastries and Extraordinary Desserts !!
Pachis Pan Bakery

Located in downtown Jaco Costa Rica across the street from Mas x Menos sits one of the town's most beloved and delicious bakeries - Pachi’s Pan.

This is a local institution, and with good reason. The helpful, friendly staff and lightning-quick service will get you in and out in under 10 minutes even during their busiest breakfast rush. The fresh soft breads, flaky pastries and extraordinary desserts will feed your whole group for pennies on the dollar.

We recommend the Croissants Con Crème which offer layers of soft pastry with just the right crispy crunch on the outside and an amazing cream custard filling. Grab two croissants and a cup of fresh coffee for around $3. Also available are beautifully decorated and inexpensive cakes for your birthday or special occasion needs.


What is standard tipping practice in Costa Rica?

Costa Ricans are not strangers to the generous tippers from the United States, and in fact many depend upon it. Service industry workers such as drivers and guides are accustomed to receiving what their equals might receive in the US.

However, one notable exception is the Costa Rican restaurant. It in not uncommon to be automatically charged 10% for service and 13% for taxes at many restaurants in Costa Rica. Though some unknowingly tip 15% - 20% on top of this inflated amount, adding 10% for excellent service can be seen as both a gesture of generosity and understanding.