Monteverde Coffee & Chocolate Tour
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Monteverde, Costa Rica

Monteverde Coffee & Chocolate Tour
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Monteverde Coffee & Chocolate Tour

Monteverde coffee tours

With a storied history stretching back to 1779, the production of coffee in Costa Rica has become an integral part of our economy.

Spend an engaging two hours learning how Costa Rica’s largest export crop goes from a small red berry to an aromatic, roasted bean in this fun and informative excursion steeped in culture and Old World charm.

Following friendly pickup from your local hotel or lodge, you will travel through beautiful mountain vistas on route to a small plantation in the outskirts of Santa Elena, Monteverde.

Monteverde coffee tours

Since you will be invited to join in the process of coffee production from start to finish during your tour, make sure to dress accordingly.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing, bug repellant and either tennis shoes or hiking boots.

Make sure to bring a camera, your rain gear, and your appetite for rich coffee and delicious chocolate!

A Treasure in the Trees

Monteverde Coffee Fields

After arriving at the farm, you will meet up with your knowledgeable, bilingual guide and head out with your group into the dense foliage of the coffee fields.

This easy, quarter-mile hike provides the perfect opportunity to learn about the production methods used in preparing Costa Rican coffee from start to finish.

Experience these techniques first-hand as you are invited to participate in each step of the process - from plucking the vibrant red berries in which the coffee beans grow, to peeling, roasting, grinding, brewing and finally, tasting them!

Monteverde coffee tours

The rich history of the Costa Rican culture is deeply connected to the production of coffee.

During the 19th century, the Costa Rican government provided free plots of land to any farmer who agreed to grow coffee, while the revenue generated from the export of coffee funded the first Costa Rican railway system and even built the National Theater in San Jose.

Kicking back with a cup of coffee that you have had a hand in personally taking from berry to brew is a truly rewarding experience. Relax and enjoy a delicious cup before continuing on.

Chocolate, Anyone?

Monteverde Chocolate fruit

The next part of your tour introduces your group to the cacao bean. Harvesting pods from the trees on the farm, enjoy snacking on the delicious pulp that surrounds the beans while they are in the pod.Learn about the refinement process that transforms the cacao bean to a delicious delicacy.

Following some interesting information on the history of chocolate in Costa Rica, you will be invited to taste it! Rich in antioxidants, farm fresh and incredibly delightful, this part of the tour is sure to please.

Old World Ox Cart

After enjoying fresh chocolate and coffee, your tour rounds out with a sampling of sugar cane. Brought to the Americas by Christopher Columbus on his second expedition, sugar cane has been produced in Costa Rica ever since. Used in everything from cooking to molasses - sugarcane is even fermented to create Guaro, the national liquor of Costa Rica. Following a taste of this sweet crop, you may choose to extend your adventure with an optional ride around the farm in an ox-drawn cart.

Rich history and unique insights into the farming and production of Coffee create a delicious day in Monteverde
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