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Jaco Costa Rica Information

Jaco Costa Rica is curved slightly along the Pacific Ocean with an area of 7 km of sandy beach.  A world–renowned surf spot because of its waves, Jaco attracts countless surfers to its beach all year. Its main attractions are the length and wide exposure of the beach at low tide.

The beach has been affected by the alteration of the basins of the rivers and the streams depositing a large amount of coarse material causing changes in grain size and overall beach profile.

Nowadays, the swimming conditions in Jaco Costa Rica are considered dangerous outside of the marked swim area. Generally, swimming on the south end is safer than the north end of Jaco Beach.

Jaco Costa Rica: Surrounding Mountains

Jaco’s elevation is seven meters (about 23 feet) above sea level.  In the mountains, you can reach up to 3,000 feet or 914 meters. Its mountains are geologically formed by materials of the Cretaceous, Tertiary and Quaternary volcanic rocks being Cretaceous those prevailing in the region.

Jaco Costa Rica Climate

The temperature is between 85-90 degrees F during the day and 75-80 F at night. The dry season is from December to August and the wet season from September to November.  Monthly average temperatures in Jaco are lower in October and are higher in March. Downtown Jaco is hottest from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. or 5:00 p.m. It is up to 10 degrees cooler on the lower slopes of the surrounding mountains.

Weather in Jaco, Garabito:


Jaco Costa Rica Growth and Industry:

Jaco continues to maintain the status of being the most developed and fastest growing tourist region in Costa Rica. A solid infrastructure and modern amenities attract international investors and conglomerates.

Today, there are about a dozen deluxe resorts and urban projects underway. The main economic activities include tourism, agriculture, livestock and teak.

Jaco Costa Rica: Demographics

Garabito has a resident population of more than 10,400 people and a floating population of about 30,000. The population has doubled in recent years, bringing a lot of new businesses and modern services as well as several private institutions of learning for both adults and children. This beautiful region, with probably the most valuable real estate in the country, is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, as well as primary and secondary rainforest mountains. Nearly half of Garabito residents are expatriates. Come see why they think the areas of Playa Jaco and Los Suenos are some of the best spots along Costa Rica's Pacific Coast

Jaco Costa Rica Demographics:

Costa Rican Population in the County of Garabito

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