Six Reasons JACO Is An Excellent Vacation Spot
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6 Reasons Why You Should Visit JACO, Costa Rica

Date Published:
Feb 24, 2022
6 Reasons Why You Should Visit JACO, Costa Rica

If you're looking for a fantastic vacation spot in Costa Rica that offers plenty of relaxation and an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, Jaco is worth checking out. This town is located on the Pacific coast and is known for its incredible surfing and diving opportunities. It's also a great place to explore the rainforest - there are plenty of nature trails and hikes to check out in the area. Finally, Jaco is home to some pretty delicious restaurants, so you'll never go hungry while you're here! Here, we will give you six good reasons why Jaco is an excellent option to choose as your next vacations destination:

1. Nature and wildlife:

    If you're looking for an incredible nature and wildlife experience, Jaco, Costa Rica is the best choice and one of the best ways to experience all that is on a nature tour, e.g., the Rainforest Booze Cruise. These tours take you through some of the most beautiful and unspoiled areas of the country, giving you a chance to see lush rainforests, teeming coral reefs, a wealth of exotic animals, including sloths, toucans, monkeys, crocodiles, iguanas, and more in their natural habitats. And don't forget to go through the canopy, ATV, and rainforest tours to have an unforgettable nature experience around Jaco.

    2. Paradisiac beaches

    Jaco is also known as the town with the most stunning beaches. When you head north of Jaco, you will find the lovely Playa Herradura, the Los Suenos Marina at just 10 minutes north, South Jaco, or the beautiful Playa Hermosa that is less than 10 minutes by taxi. Jaco is gorgeous scenery with plenty to do both on and off the beach, and it's an excellent place to surf (which takes us to the next reason to visit Jaco).

    3. Ride the waves!

    Even if you’re not the most experienced surfer in town, there are waves for everyone. Beginner-intermediate-friendly Jaco Beach located near San Jose. For some of the highest crests in Jaco, head to nearby Playa Hermosa. This black sand beach is known as one of consistent consistency and regularly hosts pro surfers' world competitions. With so many great surf spots in the area, you will want to take our Full-Day Surf Tour (advance break surfing) and experience all our options for every level surfer.

    4. Enjoy the party! 🎉🍹

    Take a walk down the main strip after dark, and you’ll see how many bars there are vying for your attention. You can choose from massive clubs complete with DJs, VIP booths- whatever suits your fancy. If you want to let loose and party hard, Republik is a solid choice. DJs, great music playing, and plenty of space to dance make this weekend bar (open Thursday-Saturday) one of the most popular clubs in Jaco.

    With its huge dance floor and awesome drink specials, Orange Pub is a well-known party place that offers a friendly mix of locals and vacationers. If you’re looking to dance all night, XTC Jaco keeps the party going with DJs and events that frequently offer complimentary drinks for the ladies.

    If you’re after a more of a chilled-out vibe, check out The Beer House for Jaco’s biggest selection of craft and microbrews on tap. Just be sure to drink responsibly and stay safe. There are also plenty of traditional tavernas that have been around forever, and a long list of casinos. Btw, have you heard about our Tortuga Island Tour? It’s party tour time!

    5. Bon appetite! 😋🍲

    Costa Rica is known for its delicious food, and the restaurants in Jaco are no exception. You will find varied food options in addition to the breathtaking views when you visit this country, from sushi, tacos, and pizza but also a variety for every taste with artisanal bakeries that offer contemporary Fusion cuisine (such as Amara or Graffiti Restro Cafe).

    Or the traditional 'sodas’ and Costa Rican typical menus as well. Need some energy for your day? In Jaco, there are delicious coffee shops. Here is always something new around every corner!

    Tip: The best way to keep your food costs down on a self-catered holiday is by checking out the Jaco Farmer Market, which stocks everything from produce to meats and fish. All in one place.

    6. Sportfishing 🎣

    Jaco is worth considering as a fishing destination. With plenty of options for both novice and experienced anglers, you're sure to have a great time reeling in big fish in this beautiful area of Costa Rica. Whether you're targeting sailfish, marlin, dorado, or another species, you will find ample opportunity to try your luck here.

    Check out our Fisherman's Dream in Playa Jaco and Los Sueños!

    Don’t wait any longer. Take the break you deserve and book now to live a VIP experience in Jaco, Costa Rica!