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Jaco Costa Rica Attractions

The attractions of the Jaco Costa Rica area are amongst the most beautiful and exciting places on Earth. The following are personally-selected recommendations from our Adventure Tours Costa Rica team to you:

	Jaco Costa Rica <strong>Attractions</strong></h1>

Los Suenos Costa Rica Marina

The Los Suenos Marina is just 10 minutes north of Jaco Beach.

With hundreds of glistening white charter boats anchored in the blue Pacific Waters of Los Suenos Costa Rica, this is easily one of the most unforgettable locations to relax and enjoy your Costa Rica vacation.

Take a leisurely stroll along the perfectly maintained charter docks, go shopping in the high-end boutiques of the Marina Village, or grab a specialty coffee at Dolce Vita in the late afternoon before heading to one of the manyLos Suenos Restaurants sitting on the edge of the docks. Enjoy an evening of world-class cuisine and delicious tropical cocktails as you watch the fiery Central American sun set over Herradura Bay.

	<strong>Los Suenos Costa Rica Marina</strong></h2>

South Jaco Beach

As any local will tell you, if you’re looking to get away from the throngs of tourists and bustling activities in the mid and northern sections of Jaco Costa Rica, hike down to the south end of the beach for a relaxing afternoon in the sun.

Here you will find soft, rock-free sand, gentle, rhythmic breaks, local pros giving surf lessons, and the laid back attitude that has made Jaco Costa Rica famous. The south end of the beach is less than a 2 minute cab-ride from Jaco’s hotels and shops.  If you prefer to get your feet wet, you can stroll from the mid-section to the south end of Jaco Beach in less than 20 minutes.

	<strong>South Jaco Beach</strong></h2>

Playa Hermosa

Along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, the beach directly south of Jaco Costa Rica is the famous surfing Mecca, Playa Hermosa. The beach front here is clean and beautiful with large crashing waves that bring advanced and professional surfers from around the world.

While strong undercurrents make the waters of Playa Hermosa less than ideal for casual swimmers, an afternoon stroll along the picturesque shoreline followed by a breathtaking sunset amid the massive waves and natural rock formations is truly a sight to see.  The short, scenic drive along the ocean-side drive that separates the south end of Jaco Costa Rica from the quiet community of Playa Hermosa is less than 10 minutes by taxi.

	<strong>Playa Hermosa</strong></h2>

Villa Caletas

Nestled high above the beaches, towns and rainforest canopies surrounding it, Villa Caletas invites visitors and hotel guests alike to experience incredible panoramic views of the Nicoya Peninsula hovering above the Pacific Ocean.

The bar at Villa Caletas brings a collection of vacationers and locals together to enjoy $5 happy hour cocktails with one of Costa Rica’s finest sunset views. Visitors are free to explore the nearby grounds where stunning flora and fauna, families of scarlet macaws and toucans, and sweeping jungle and ocean views are at every turn. We recommend that you arrive early for sunset, as seating in the bar and amphitheater is limited. Do not forget to bring your camera! Villa Caletas is located near Los Suenos in Herradura, and is an approximate 15 minute drive from Jaco Cosa Rica.

	<strong>Villa Caletas</strong></h2>
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