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White Water Rafting In Costa Rica

Date Published:
May 12, 2015
White Water Rafting In Costa Rica

White water rafting in Costa Rica is one of the adrenaline-filled pleasures no one should ever deny themselves. As an avid Costa Rican tourist with a penchant for adventure and a driving need for excitement in my life, I decided -- on a recent trip -- to see what sort of "extreme sports" were on offer. While I may be, first and foremost, a culture-junkie seeking to explore each new country by getting to know its people; I do need some fun physical activity to balance out my daily food-and-drink-filled sojourns around town.

Costa Rica is renowned for its sprawling rivers of tropically warm water. Add to this several amazing white water spots and scenic landscapes that are almost magical, and you are pretty much guaranteed to enjoy white water rafting in Costa Rica more than anywhere else in the world.

I can hardly hold myself back from any new experience, so choosing between a one day trip, an overnight trip, and a 3-day adventure tour was possibly one of the most agonizing decisions I have ever had to make. Needless to say, I have never been one to exercise extreme amounts of caution, and I found myself signed up for the full, Survivor style adventure package without a moment's hesitation. I have absolutely no regrets. Although, I would perhaps mention that a one-day trip is probably a good choice for beginners who need to test the waters.

I would go so far as saying that white water rafting is possibly the best way to experience the natural splendor of Costa Rica. During my three day tour I was completely immersed in my surroundings; and completely detached from the humdrum of everyday life. There is something truly refreshing about being removed from business and technology, if only for a little while.

If you are on holiday and have a specific need to relax, I would suggest picking a rafting package that allows you to work in a little R&R. While I am all for the adrenaline rush involved in this activity, I do need to end my day off with comforting luxury. Adventure Tours Costa Rica have managed to find the perfect balance in their travel packages, it is simply a question of finding the right one. At the end of a fantastic day in the tropics, I enjoyed all the benefits of a soft bed in luxurious lodgings. Frankly, a Costa Rican holiday is proof that you can have your cake and eat it too.

The great thing about white water rafting in Costa Rica is that you truly do have the opportunity to choose from a selection of tour packages that suits your needs and interests. Many tour operators offer travelers the opportunity to indulge in additional activities during their stay -- so when the rapids get too heavy, there is always the chance to do something else that piques your interest.

For more philanthropic travelers, there is even the possibility to lend a hand at local sustainable farming and agriculture projects. These tours offer a unique perspective on the daily lives of locals, something not many people experience.