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Jaco, Costa Rica

Stand Up Paddle Board
Pacific Ocean SUP

Stand Up Paddle Board in Costa Rica

Enjoy an ocean adventure on Jaco Beach by Los Suenos, Costa Rica! To the uninitiated, Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is a new and easy way to surf and float above Jaco Costa Rica’s Costa Rica’s world-class bathwater waves. SUP is a fun way to surf, exercise and soak in the lush tropical rainforest that surrounds.

A fun way to surf, exercise and soak in the lush tropical rainforest that surrounds.

This new way of surfing on flat water is especially for those who love the ocean and want to try something different from the conventional way of surfing.

Stand Up Paddle is also a great way of exercising because it involves your entire core: your shoulders, arms, chest and back, while having fun exploring and observing the beauty of Costa Rica’s natural treasures.

You do not need previous experience on this adventure, or be at an advanced fitness level to try Stand Up Paddle. SUP gives you the opportunity to experience the sport even if it is your first time, no matter your age or experience.

Our lesson begins with a brief explanation of the area of Jaco Beach where we will tour, and then proceed to instruct you on how you handle the board, row and balance. We also teach you SUP’s theory, technique and safety in the water.

The boards used are larger than an ordinary long board and therefore more stable. We use a long-shafted paddle to help you propel and steer once you are in the water.

We tailor the lessons based on your learning pace and skills, and you will receive plenty of attention and instruction during this adventure.

We promise you an unforgettable experience Stand Up Paddle Boarding. It is not to be missed on your Costa Rica vacation by Jaco Beach and Los Suenos!
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