Los Suenos Restaurants: A Culinary Adventure
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Los Suenos Restaurants - Best Restaurants in Costa Rica

Date Published:
Jun 25, 2015
Los Suenos Restaurants - Best Restaurants in Costa Rica

Glorious Costa Rican restaurants are one of life's greatest blessings. After a busy day out on Costa Rica fishing charters or canyoning Costa Rica style, I need to know that my tired (and completely elated) body will be well fed. It is amazing what an adventure-filled experience with ATV tours Costa Rica can do for your appetite. Indulging in delicious meals is one of the best parts of going on vacation -- you have the opportunity to delight in dishes that you might not be able to sink your teeth into at home.

Los Suenos restaurants are among the best in the whole of Costa Rica. Having had the pleasure of dining in dozens of eateries in this beautiful country, I feel that I have become somewhat of a connoisseur, and I say that without an ounce of self-importance. I am merely a traveler with a passion for all things Costa Rican, especially food. I have compiled a list of my favorite Los Suenos restaurants, along with a brief description in the hope that fellow tourists will have a chance to enjoy all that I have enjoyed thus far. It is a list that I hope to add to as my Costa Rican experiences become more frequent.

El Galeón restaurant boasts some of Costa Rica's finest ingredients in both local and international dishes. If juicy, flame-grilled steaks or fresh, tender seafood are your thing, then this is the perfect eatery for you. Take my advice and try the Pesca del Dia, a traditional Costa Rican seafood meal, which is filled to the brim with the finest and freshest fish straight from the Marina. This lip-smacking dish is only one of the many divine treats on the menu, though I firmly believe that it will become a firm favorite once you have had your first bite. For non-seafood enthusiasts I strongly recommend the Free-Range Boneless Cornish Hen, a succulent and flavorful dish that does not disappoint.

If, after a thrilling day, you want nothing more than to feel at home, I strongly suggest choosing a restaurant that serves some All-American diner classics. The Hook Up Restaurant and Bar is the perfect spot for a laidback atmosphere and casual dining. In this case "casual" means "tasty". Fantastic burgers are always a great choice, particularly when you are feeling a little more than peckish. The New England Style Clam Chowder is one of my favorite dishes, especially on days where I am craving something hearty and comforting.

Being so close to the ocean means that there is always a fresh supply of the sweetest seafood. For sushi like you have never had before, I recommend booking a table at Bambu Sushi & Asian Cuisine. The sashimi at this restaurant is outstanding; you really could not find anything better no matter how hard you try. The volcano roll is another one of my personal favorites, though I definitely suggest trying as many different dishes as you can. If you are after something warm, the Thai curries are amazingly flavorful and are guaranteed not to disappoint.

When it comes to Los Suenos restaurants, take your pick and make every effort to enjoy it. The more foods you try, the more likely you are to feel like your vacation has been deeply satisfying. Eat to enjoy, not to exist, and you will find yourself open to a whole new world of culinary possibilities.