Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 15, 2022
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Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 15, 2022

Date Published:
Jul 15, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 15, 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 15, 2022

Escape for a summer getaway full of at-sea thrills and unparalleled beauty in the jewel of Central America: Costa Rica. The Marina at Los Sueños is the perfect place to take a fishing charter out on the Pacific this July.

Catch Your Own Grab Bag

Goliath grouper fish in costa rica

You may have heard that the “tropical gold season” ended in June, but there’s no such thing as a bad time of year for sportfishing in Los Sueños. In fact, July brings about the best variety for anglers who want to reel in a colorful array of fish species.

This month is a phenomenal time to look for some gigantic meat fish. In addition to the Dorado and Snapper we mentioned in our last fishing report, we’re finding it's an excellent month to catch Grouper. Hunt for these large-mouthed fish among the rocky Pacific reefs using a bottom fishing technique.

Hold tight to your rods if you are fishing for Roosterfish inshore or Yellowfin Tuna offshore - both are putting up good fights lately! Of the two, Tuna are much tastier, while Roosterfish are typically a catch-and-release variety.

We’re also seeing a decent number of billfish being caught right now in the area. Blue Marlin are known to be a fun and impressive catch in July - if you have a good captain who knows to look for them around the flotsam which the rains of green season have swept into the sea. Baitfish like small Yellowfin Tuna and Bonitos like to hide among the debris, drawing the majestic Marlins their way.

July’s Weather Forecast in Jaco, Costa Rica

So far this month, the daily low temperature has hovered right around 66℉, and the daily highs have been in the upper 70’s and lower 80’s. With a nice breeze off the ocean aboard your charter boat, it feels like heaven.

Most days for the rest of the month will see rain, but we expect those scattered storms to be later in the afternoon or evenings. The non-rainy days will still come with that excellent cloud cover that will help you ease your prey into a sense of security.

What Size Fishing Charter Should I Book in July?

Shamrock ay Los Suenos

You'll need some elbow room for all your casting, reeling, and wrestling on board. Consider carefully what size boat will be right for you and your fishing party.

For smaller groups of about four people, you'll want at least 25 feet to be comfortable casting and wrestling your prize catches. Our popular Shamrock Express or Forbes Express are great options for those who want to keep the costs down while still making the most of fishing in Costa Rica.

For seasoned sportfishers, a bigger boat will give you room to implement all your favorite techniques. Check out one like the 38' Custom that holds up to six anglers and uses state-of-the-art technology to detect fish and the birds that feed off them.

Looking for a world-class experience for all your friends? Charter boats like the 50' Maverick or even the 60' Bertram have room for you, seven other anglers, the captain and crew, several hundred pounds of fish you are going to catch, and everything you need for the ultimate sportfishing adventure. These air-conditioned yachts with luxurious amenities will guarantee your time at the reel and your downtime are memorable.

Whatever size your party is, look for a charter that provides the gear you need, an experienced captain, a crew that can whip your prizes into on-board sushi and ceviche, and a home base at Los Sueños Marina - the best place in the world for year-round sportfishing.