Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 1, 202
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Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 1, 2022

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Jul 01, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 1, 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report - July 1, 2022

While still a part of the “low season” in Costa Rica, July is a phenomenal month to visit for travelers from near and far. It’s still a less-crowded time of year than peak season, yet July draws in those who know the secret of making the most of the rainier time of year. Be sure to book your fishing charter ahead of time as the secret is spreading!

A “Little Summer” in Jaco & Los Sueños

In July, mornings tend to be full of sunshine, warming the jungle flora and the ocean water in the Jaco and Los Sueños areas. Later in the day is typically when you see those rain showers roll in, sometimes precipitating well into the night. Winds tend to be pretty calm at this time of year.

An interesting weather phenomenon will often take place in July and August in Costa Rica. Though it’s the middle of the “green season” - or the rainy season - the country is often gifted with a miniature dry spell during these months. Rainfall tapers for a few weeks when cold fronts and trade winds change up in the Pacific, creating what locals call a veranillo or “little summer.” During a veranillo, temperatures may spike to around the mid-nineties for a bit along the Gulf of Nicoya.

Costa Rica’s “little summer” is a perfect time to plan your trip to Los Sueños for some sportfishing, because the atmosphere and the fish population will reflect the dry season - but you’ll also benefit from off-season rates and smaller crowds.

81st ILTTA Flamingo Marina Billfishing Tournament

July Fishing at Los Suenos

Further up the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the 81st Annual International Light Tackle Tournament Association’s billfishing tournament was held at the end of June, drawing in anglers from all over the world to cast their lines in pursuit of impressive swimmers. Teams traveling from countries everywhere from the United States to South Africa set sail out of Flamingo Marina for four days of angling.

During the three days of the tournament that had totals posted publicly, over 180 Pacific Sailfish were caught along with 14 Blue Marlin. Like its neighbors down south in the Gulf of Nicoya, this area has also been seeing plenty of Mahi Mahi, Yellowfin Tuna and Roosterfish in recent weeks.

Who’s Biting in July?

Billfish at Los Suenos

Just because it's not peak season for billfish doesn't mean they aren't biting! If the stats from the tournament didn't clue you in, our fishing charters in the Los Sueños area have also been reeling in majestic Blue Marlin and Pacific Sailfish over the past few weeks. Your July charter trip may very well spot a couple, too.

The best time of year to catch Yellowfin Tuna is coming to a close, so make sure you take the opportunity while it's here! These huge prizes are a blast to fight for and delicious to eat.

Another tasty catch you might snag this month is Dorado, otherwise known as Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish. July is one of the best months to find this species near Los Sueños. Dorado grow fast and large, so when they are out, they are typically always hungry.

Some other impressively sized species we've tallied up recently are Cubera Snappers and Spanish Mackerel. Those mackerels tend to have a nasty bite, so make sure to reel them in slowly and don't handle them with your bare hands!

When you factor in crowds, weather, and opportunities to catch, July is a month that can't be beat for sportfishing in Costa Rica. Book your charter today and get ready for a perfect day at sea.