Costa Rica Fishing Report - August 1, 2022
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Costa Rica Fishing Report - August 1, 2022

Date Published:
Aug 02, 2022
Costa Rica Fishing Report - August 1, 2022

Costa Rica Fishing Report - August 1, 2022

Costa Rica Fishing in August

If you’re heading to Costa Rica for a sportfishing trip in August, be prepared to be a part of the Central American rainy season. But these regular showers aren’t a bad thing for anglers! The runoff from the land flushes debris into the sea, which attracts baitfish like crazy - and, as a result, the bigger fish who love to eat them.

On average, August temperatures in the Jaco, Costa Rica area range between the mid 70's Farenheit and the high 80's Farenheit. The past few weeks haven't been as rainy as most green season months, and usually the showers come in the afternoon.

Billfish Are Biting


Despite being outside of peak season, our Los Suenos fishing charters have been seeing a good number of Pacific Sailfish and Blue Marlin taking the bait lately!

It is always exciting to see these majestic Blue Marlin no matter the time of year. They are considered the greatest prize in sportfishing, as a feisty challenge on the reel and absolute beauties for your selfies. While it's not too rare to find one of these behemoths weighing a few hundred pounds, expert anglers dream of snagging a grander - a Blue Marlin that weighs at least 1,000 pounds.

Dorado and Roosterfish Frenzies


The charter captains around here have been reporting plenty of catches in the 30-40 pound range lately, which are excellent for casual and novice fishing outings due to the manageability of bringing them onto deck and their still impressive size. They make for a great picture to show off to your friends!

Spinner Dolphins - also known as Dorado or Mahi Mahi - are regularly featured on the recent fishing reports from our captains. August will be one of the strongest months for finding these colorful aquatic wonders when you are out at sea.

Another fish we’re catching in droves daily lately is the Roosterfish. Often found at moderate depths, they are an aggressive species that are a blast to wrestle. They love live bait like sardines, runners, and mullet. Despite their strength, you can usually snag a Roosterfish with some light tackle.

Safety First

Circlehook boat

There’s nothing our charter boat captains take more seriously than your safety while out on the ocean. When you’ve got 100-pound beasts in the mix, it is vital to make sure you listen to all safety instructions and directions of the seasoned sportfishing crew. Many of the fish that are popularly found in the Los Suenos Marina are not only big, but very fast as well. Stay alert and aware at all times!

Recently, a 73-year-old woman in Florida was injured by a Sailfish’s bill on a boat due to being too close to the angler who reeled it in. It’s important for all passengers to pay close attention when the boat’s crew is going over the day’s details, including where the safety equipment is stored on the boats.

You’ll be in great hands with our highly-experienced charter crews. If you come prepared to listen well, wearing sturdy closed toed shoes with good traction, and familiar with the proper way to handle your equipment (or willing to ask all the questions you need and follow directions), you’ll be set to have the (safe) adventure of a lifetime.

Ready to make the most of the rest of your summer with an epic deep sea fishing trip? Pack your favorite fishing gear, book your flights, and contact us today to book the best fishing charters in Costa Rica!