Jaco’s Le Loft Nightclub Back in Business!
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Jaco’s Le Loft Nightclub Back in Business!

Date Published:
Aug 05, 2022
Jaco’s Le Loft Nightclub Back in Business!

Jaco’s Le Loft Nightclub Back in Business!

After temporarily closing due to the pandemic - a shutdown that lasted two years for Le Loft Discotech - Jaco, Costa Rica's hottest second-floor spot for late night entertainment is back and thriving!

After a day on a catamaran trip to Tortuga Island, zip-lining through the canopy of nearby Los Sueños, and out-of-this-world dining in Jaco, you might think you've done it all. But the fun doesn't stop here when the dinner check is paid. Dance clubs, bars, and casinos in town offer you a night full of magic.

The Nightlife Capital of Costa Rica

It's no secret that the beach town of Jaco is the place to go in Costa Rica if you're looking for some after-hours fun. No matter who you ask, Jaco will always top the list of best party towns around. Its easy accessibility from San Jose and its regular influx of tourists and natives set it up to host a vivacious nightlife scene.

Le Loft Back in Action

Tropical drinks

After a two-year hiatus due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, Le Loft has reopened for business. From 2:00 PM until 10:00 PM each day, Le Loft serves the people of Jaco as a sports bar and day club. But the party doesn't end there. When the sun goes down, the party comes out as one of the top nightclubs in town lights up. You can get your dance on in this second-story perch with the help of some of the best DJs in Jaco, Costa Rica.

You can live it up until the sun rises at Le Loft, which is the only venue in town licensed to stay open after 2:30 AM. With high-energy partying and energetic go-go dancers, the club's After Hours are the place to be for an all-night cultural experience.

Other Favorite Nightlife Spots in Jaco

Pina Colada at Jaco Beach

Republik Lounge: Also affected by the pandemic's restrictions, Republik Lounge changed locations to the newly renovated Blue Marlin Hotel in the center of town. This spot is open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Its party vibes with light shows and smoke machines serve both locals and tourists, and Republik's VIP Tables with bottle service are very popular - make yourself a reservation! The outdoor pool area is open at night, if you didn't get enough time in the water during your daytime surf lessons.

Orange Pub: Get your dance on in the largest club space in town, Orange Pub! With go-go dancing and stellar drinks, it's an excellent choice to fulfill your nightlife dreams in Jaco, Costa Rica. If you aren't in the mood to boogie yourself, grab a spot in one of the VIP sections and enjoy some people-watching along with your cocktail.

Jaco Blu Beach Club: Beach bar by day, hot club by night, Jaco Blu is a very popular spot for nightlife in this part of the country. It's located right on the beach and has pools, so your seaside getaway doesn't have to end when the sun sets. For an open-air club scene, head over to Jaco Blu as soon as they are done with their renovations!

The Green Room Cafe: A delicious restaurant open for a late breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Green Room Cafe stays open at night as a bar until 2pm. They offer live music every night with karaoke on Mondays. A great spot for some craft beer and great mixology!

Ready to make your trip to Jaco, Costa Rica a party from one morning into the wee hours of the next? Contact Adventure Tours Costa Rica to put together a lively itinerary you'll never forget.