Costa Rica Tour Experiences for First-Timers: Check It Out!
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Can’t Miss Costa Rica Tour Experiences for First-Timers

Date Published:
Jan 27, 2016
Can’t Miss Costa Rica Tour Experiences for First-Timers

Our biggest advice to first-time vacationers to Costa Rica is to get outside! You can expect that the exotic, colorful beauty of this tiny Central American paradise will bring out your inner adventurer.

One - Get On Beach Time!

Costa Rica translates to the “Rich Coast” for good reason. This country is bordered by the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Nearly two-thirds of the country is coastline so pack your beach bag. The sandy beaches are home to some of the best watersports in the world. First-time vacationers will want to try their hand at open water adventures including kayaking, surfing, catamaran tours, deep sea fishing and paddle boarding. Check out all our favorite Costa Rica tours.

Insider Tip: The sand gets very hot at the Equator so always bring your sandals!

Two - Seize the Day Trip!

Day trips are a hidden gem and great way to experience different parts of Costa Rica. These types of pre-planned adventures are perfect for families especially those with small children. Adventure Tours Costa Rica has customizable day trip packages to provide you with a fun-filled day on a Costa Rica tour. Your family will be escorted by a bilingual guide who is familiar with Costa Rica and is able to provide you with insider access to exciting places like crocodile mangroves and national parks.

Insider Tip: Book the first tour of the day to see an amazing display of birds that are naturally drawn to the crocodile mangrove!

Three - Welcome to the Jungle!

Let’s not forget that your trip to Costa Rica brings you up close and personal with tropical rainforests, which are the oldest active ecosystems in the world. With all of the flora and fauna to be enjoyed, a rainforest tour isn’t for beginners going out solo. Smart first-time travelers to Costa Rica engage a reputable guide service to provide a safe jungle tour. The dense jungle is amazing to see by horseback, group 4x4 safari tours, ATV,, guided hikes and zipline canopy tours. Your adventure tour guide can escort you through the dense green vegetation and provide you with the unmatched experience of looking up at ancient trees that are as tall as skyscrapers. The guides at Adventure Tours Costa Rica are locals and the jungle is their backyard. These experts will show you the where you can kick off your shoes and wade in the warm water of a jungle river or feel the rush of a waterfall.

Insider Tip: Wear closed-toed shoes and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty!