What Do You See in the Rainforest? Toucans of Costa Rica!
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What You See in the Rainforest: Toucans of Costa Rica

Date Published:
Mar 22, 2016
What You See in the Rainforest:  Toucans of Costa Rica

Visitors to Costa Rica are delighted to see colorful toucans sitting high up in the deep green jungle canopy. Here is a little more information about toucans, a bird native to Costa Rica and one of the most recognizable birds on the planet. Enjoy!

Nine Fun Facts About the Toucans of Costa Rica

  • 1. Ancient Brazilians originally named the toucan a “tukana”. The etymology of the word is traced back to an extinct indigenous language known as Tupian.
  • 2. Toucans are known to be very vocal and loudly communicate from their homes in the jungle trees.
  • 3. Toucans are a bit lazy and they do not migrate. In fact, they live in little flocks of 5-7 birds that do not really travel far at all.
  • 4. Toucans sleep in holes they create in trees. They curl up safely in their holes to keep away from their natural human and big cat predators.
  • 5. Costa Rican Toucans are well known for their brightly colored bills. Interesting enough, toucan babies are not hatched with long bills and adult bills can grow to be as long as half the size of their body.
  • 6. Although toucan bills look hard and tough, they are actually spongy and have texture more like a honeycomb.
  • 7. Toucans’ bills work as a type of natural air conditioning system, allowing them to self-regulate their temperature in the hot Costa Rican rainforest.
  • 8. Toucans are omnivores and enjoy eating both meat and fruit.
  • 9. The toucan has been the mascot of the Kellogg cereal brand Fruit Loops since the 1960s.

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