Business Group Travel and Corporate Retreats to Costa Rica
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A Guide to Business Group Travel and Corporate Retreats to Costa Rica

Date Published:
Nov 11, 2015
A Guide to Business Group Travel and Corporate Retreats to Costa Rica

Adventure Tours Costa Rica offers friendly and dependable service to our executive guests with worry-free group packages for business professionals traveling to Costa Rica. Our strategic and long-term relationships with local vendors help us to provide a convenient and seamless corporate retreat and group travel experience for our business guests.

The travel professionals at Adventure Tours Costa Rica have compiled the following tips to booking group travel and corporate treats to Jaco Beach, Costa Rica:

Look at a beach instead of a building!

The location of a corporate retreat is an integral part of your employees’ experience. Costa Rica is an accessible yet exotic place for your corporate retreat. This unique Central American country is the perfect place for your team members to withdraw from the daily press of business. For over a decade, many companies, associations and other professional organizations have relied on the services of Adventure Tours Costa Rica to provide personalized packages for their large groups of business travelers.

Blend business with fun!

Company group travel and corporate retreats usually include a bit (just a tiny bit) of work. Adventure Tours Costa Rica has the infrastructure to set up a co-working space for your team to work remotely. We understand that reliable internet and telephone service is must-have for our business professional guests. Adventure Tours Costa Rica provides great options for condo/hotel accommodations, meeting facilities, and conference rooms.

Adventure time!

Successful corporate retreats and business group travel experiences incorporate excursions that reinforce workplace culture and bonding between coworkers. Adventure tours such as ziplining, ATV trail riding, deep sea fishing expeditions and other outdoor experiences provide a much needed break from conference rooms and emails. Moreover, they allow your team members the opportunity to get to know each other better in a social, relaxed setting while getting outside. Adventure Tours Costa Rica offers an array of adventure tours and other excursion options for your planning committee to choose from.