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World Record-Setting Fishing in Costa Rica

Date Published:
Feb 09, 2014
World Record-Setting Fishing in Costa Rica

If you’re looking to go fishing in Costa Rica, you offshore Anglers are in luck. The sailfish have been incredible within the past few weeks. Steadily picking up in action since early November, we are currently averaging between around 20 bites per day, and while Marlin have been showing up here and there.

It is the Sails in the offshore Pacific waters out of Los Suenos Marina that are stealing the show. Within the past week, we have been spotting approximately 50 fish per day, with a catch and release rate of about 20-30 fish per trip.

In fact, the WORLD RECORD for billfish raised in a single tournament was just set at the last Los Suenos Signature Billfish Tournament – 2170 BILLFISH RAISED!!!

The best action we've seen is about 40 miles south of the Marina in the offshore waters of the smooth Costa Rican Pacific. The key fishing times throughout the day have started much earlier in the morning than usual, and have stayed steady through mid-morning in the afternoon, with an unprecedented burst of activity at approximately 2:00-3:00pm.

After a morning and early afternoon of working the bait, the Sailfish have managed to loosen the bait balls. When the birds dive down to feast on the bait, avid anglers can experience multiples bites - triples and even quadruples have been common! What we are seeing now is the world-class Sailfishing that has made Los Suenos Costa Rica famous.

If you are planning a Los Suenos fishing charter within the next month, make sure to book a full-day off shore on one of the many excellent charters in the Adventure Tours Costa Rica Charter Fleet. To book a half-day and end up heading back before the afternoon burst would be a crime.

The weeks and months to follow will certainly provide a chance for anglers at every level of experience to learn or refine your bill fishing techniques. Waters are glassy & flat, so contact one of our agents to book your full-day offshore fishing charter today!