Costa Rica Fishing Tournament Report
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Costa Rica Tournament Fishing Report

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Dec 18, 2013
Costa Rica Tournament Fishing Report

This year, Costa Rica fishing out of the Los Suenos Marina for both October and November has been absolutely incredible. We have had extremely high numbers of Mahi-mahi (Dorado), and these acrobatic fighters have been consistently weighing in at 20-50 pounds all green season. While trolling the coast line we have come across schools as large as several hundred of these delicious fish hiding behind floating wood and other flotsam. On average, we've hauled in between 2 and 4 each day.

We are excited for the big game Sailfish peak season to begin in January, and carry on straight through April. We expect the numbers this year to be consistently high, and predict between 20-30 bites as the season picks up. These championship fish are already biting on average between 5-10 times per day, so this peak season promises to be a great one for the anglers.

While Mahi Mahi and Sailfish have been strong and are just getting stronger, the real stars of the Costa Rica fishing have been our fantastic numbers of Marlin. Throughout November and December, Striped and Blue Marlin have been making their presence known. We have been averaging a Marlin per trip - sometimes even pulling in 2 on one trip! The large populations of Bonita and Yellow Fins have provided us with an excellent source of live bait, but getting these fish past the ample supply of hungry Mahi-mahi has proved challenging.

Yellow fin tuna peak season is typically between May - October, but there have been a few stragglers around during the past few weeks. We've had some luck finding them near pods of spotted dolphins and flocks of birds offshore. Right out of the gate last week we pulled in one weighing over 90 pounds.

Inshore, Rooster Fish have been harder to find throughout November. We expect improved numbers by late December and predict an excellent showing through January until October. Making up for the lack of Roosters have been great numbers of small Yellow fin Tuna, medium-sized Wahoo, Amberjacks, Jacks and Snappers.

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