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Red hot fishing weeks!

Date Published:
Jan 10, 2013
Red hot fishing weeks!

Hello From Sunny Los Suenos Costa Rica!

The offshore Los Suenos fishing has been red hot for the past few weeks! There is some world-class Costa Rica fishing waiting to be experienced just 20 to 30 miles out from Los Suenos Marina.

December marks the beginning of prime sailfish season here in Costa Rica, and judging from the start of it, this looks to be a strong one!

Since mid-December there have been large numbers of sailfish migrating to the area. Ten bites a day is just an average day right now. Los Suenos fishing charters that get on top of a concentrated area of sails are easily ending up with 15 to 20 sailfish bites in a day. Landing six to twelve sailfish in a day is very possible right now. The sailfish season traditionally gets even better over the next few months, and normally peaks out in early April.

In addition to the incredible sailfish numbers, there are also a good number of marlin (mostly blue marlin). We have been getting at least one shot at hooking one of these big powerful fish per day. Most of the marlins have been averaging from 150-300lbs. Later in the month and in February we traditionally begin to see more and more striped marlin moving in along with the blue marlin and a few black marlin here and there.

There have also been a good number of dorado (Mahi- mahi), and dolphin fish this year after a couple years of them being quite scarce. We have been averaging two or three per trip in addition to the sailfish. These Mahis are colorful acrobatic fighters which unlike the sailfish, are meat fish and legal to keep and take home for dinner. The Mahi has been mostly in the 20-30 lbs range, so just one can provide a good fresh seafood feast for the family. If you don’t have a kitchen don’t worry, there are plenty of excellent restaurants in Jaco which will gladly cook your catch for you.

The inshore Los Suenos fishing has been a little slow over the past couple weeks causing a scarcity of live bait. That has made it a bit difficult to target big rooster fish and Cubera Snappers. However, lots of small bait has been showing up along the beaches, and by mid-January the sardines begin to show up at the river mouths which provide lots of bait for those wanting to pursue a trophy roosterfish. From January to May, there is great Costa Rica fishing for rooster fish, Cubera Snappers, amberjacks, and many other inshore species.

Remember all boats and crews are not created equal. Be sure to book a boat that is capable and willing to run the distance offshore to the best bite. Also, a competent bilingual crew really makes your day more enjoyable and fulfilling. It turns a tourist ride into an actual learning experience when you can ask questions and get answers you understand. Budget operations are cheap for a reason, they have to cut corners, I would never recommend chartering a boat that skimps on maintenance, safety, tackle, gear or crew. Follow these simple guidelines, and you are sure to have a great experience on your once in a lifetime day of Los Suenos Fishing.

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