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Record Breaking Sailfish Numbers

Date Published:
May 03, 2016
Record Breaking Sailfish Numbers

Great sport fishing news from The Los Suenos Marina - this month the sailfish numbers are soaring. We have been getting at least double digit bites every day. Seeing 20 to 30 bites from sailfish and making ten plus releases is the new norm.

The location of the bite has been pretty close to Los Suenos averaging less than 25 miles from the marina. The weather conditions have been perfect with flat, calm seas and sunny, cloudless skies.

The second leg of the 2016 Los Suenos Signature Triple Crown Series had record-breaking numbers. Over 1000 sailfish were raised on the second day of the three-day tournament. In total, 2000 billfish were caught over the three-day tournament.

Despite the huge number of sailfish seen right now, the marlin has been scarce. Of the 2000 + fish released during the tournament, only one marlin was released. Though there are days when several boats manage to land a marlin, it is scattered and unpredictable. Other than billfish, we have seen the occasional mahi-mahi mixed in to the same area the sailfish are occupying. On the whole, the mahi is uncommon and only a few boats a day will come back with one from the entire Los Suenos charter fleet. The yellowfin tuna are still hanging around and frequently seen. On average we are seeing 20 - 40lbs tuna hanging around the porpoises. At present, this is providing the best bet for something to take home for dinner.

Since we have been in the height of tournament season, offshore fishing has been the focus. However, for inshore enthusiasts, the rooster fishing has been fun and consistent.

Thanks for checking out our Los Suenos fishing report this month - wishing you tight lines from Costa Rica.