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Great Numbers In Green Season

Date Published:
Sept 23, 2016
Great Numbers In Green Season

We continue to see great numbers of sailfish out of the Los Suenos Marina here in beautiful, Los Suenos, Costa Rica as we head into our green season. Fishing for marlin, sailfish, Mahi Mahi, (dorado), wahoo, snapper and roosterfish remains strong. We are seeing pods of the larger, yellowfin tuna about 40 miles offshore and their numbers have stayed consistent within the past few weeks. The seas have been calm and flat, making for excellent offshore fishing conditions, despite the occasional rain showers we typically get this time of year.

Inshore, we are seeing a surplus of black marlin that is far greater in numbers than we usually see in September/October. Bites have been plentiful and we have been enjoying the thrilling catch that these highly sought-after, subtropical fish provide. One of the fastest of the game fish, marlin can hit top speeds of up to 80 miles an hour making them the premier game fish for sport fisherman world-wide.

Another highly-prized game fish, the Roosterfish, in addition to the delicious table fish, the red snapper, will both hit peak density inshore within the next month or two. The month of September is the apex for wahoo as well, making this green season the perfect time of year for inshore fishing.

Mahi Mahi, (dorado), with their wide range from inshore to offshore, should see a boom in numbers over the next few months, with October and November being their strongest times. Plenty of fish, fewer crowds and lower prices make this time of year the optimal time for a sportsfishing holiday. Contact one of our agents to help you make arrangements for your fishing charter today.

Thanks for checking out our Los Suenos fishing report this month – wishing you tight lines from Costa Rica.