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Peak Green Season Is the Last Chance for Some Fish Varieties

Date Published:
Sept 01, 2020
Peak Green Season Is the Last Chance for Some Fish Varieties

Here in Los Sueños the green season continues, and the fish keep coming in droves. Our boats have been enjoying consistent bites both inshore and further out in open water. September is one of the peak sportfishing months in Costa Rica, a sunny paradise known for its year-round sportfishing. Since the reopening of our tourism district plans last month, we’ve been delighted to see our charters back out there on the waves, helping sportfishers land the catches of their dreams.

Sailfish Continue to Shine

Sportfishers of all levels love sailfish for their consistency. In Costa Rica, you can routinely land the marlin species upwards of 100 lbs., with some of the bigger ones weighing in over a whopping 200 lbs. They’re also lightning fast compared to some other fish varieties, and have recorded speeds of higher than 60 mph. You can entice them with squid, ballyhoo, sardines, and other small fish.

You can catch anywhere between two and eight sailfishes throughout green season, even though it’s technically their off season. Even though they put up a good fight by tail walking, jumping, and flipping the line, they’re still loads of fun to catch. Like other marlin species, they are catch and release only.

Snapper Steps Up

As blue marlin numbers wane ever so slightly, snapper steps in to fill the gap. Along with yellowfin tuna, you’ll find an abundance of snapper ready for, well, snapping up here in Los Sueños. But timing is everything when it comes to landing one of these impressive sea lubbers. Your best bet for a successful catch is in either the first or last light of day. You’ll also find more snapper in the phases leading up to a full moon.

The snapper regular season starts in July and winds down in October, so get out there soon if you want the best chance of landing the big kahunas. With a record of impressive catches this year, we’re excited to see how the final month of peak snapper activity plays out. There’s just a couple things you’ll want to keep in mind while out on the water, though.

If you’re looking for a trophy snapper, don’t trail any snapper schools. The bigger catches tend to fly solo and don’t need as much protection, so they will be a bit more spaced out (think 10 to 20 feet). Since they’re inshore fish, they might be hanging around some coral reef for a little extra protection.

As for the bait, whole Boston mackerel has a pretty solid success rate. You can find it at your local tackle store. Since snappers of all sizes are aggressive feeders, they’ll gobble up whatever you give them pretty quickly. Live or dead, it doesn’t really matter, but try to stick to local bait if you can.

Last Chance for Rooster

September sees a dip in rooster fishing here in Los Sueños, but that doesn’t mean you can’t catch them anymore. Rooster fishing is a bit of a double-edged sword, though. While they don’t necessarily hang out near rocky areas and only need a light tackle, they put up a heck of a fight and may require you to venture into some rockier, more treacherous areas to find them. However, there have been a few instances of catching rooster out on the open water, with water depths ranging from five feet near the shore to 150 feets out in open water.

If you’re planning to book a fishing trip to Costa Rica, our Jaco and Los Sueños locations are a great place to cast your line. Our experienced captains make saltwater sportfishing fun for both novice and experienced anglers alike. Contact us online or at 1-800-761-7250 to book your next dream trip.