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Green Season Bounty Continues, Showing Off Pacific Diversity

Date Published:
Aug 01, 2020
Green Season Bounty Continues, Showing Off Pacific Diversity

The green season is called the rainy season, but out in Los Sueños, it feels more like it’s raining fish! Our boats are seeing consistent bites both inshore and offshore. August is a great month to see why Costa Rica is considered a year-round sportfishing paradise. As our tourism district plans to reopen this month, we’re excited to get our charters up and running, and hopefully see all our anglers out on the waves again soon.

Offshore Variety Stays High as Sailfish Head Out

Jaco is a great spot to see the bounty of the mid-pacific coast. Offshore, we’re seeing yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, marlin, and wahoo biting consistently. Part of what makes sportfishing near Nicoya so exciting is the diversity in the waters. You can expect to get plenty of bites and quite a bit of action out past the reefs.

Mahi mahi are out and about, offering a gorgeous rainbow catch and a great fight. Meanwhile, the yellowfin peak may have passed, but we’re still pulling in 40-pounders and even some 100-pounders with the right bait.

Wahoo numbers are still up during their last big month in the area, as well. Next month, they may be a rare sight, but right now they’re giving great action. Sailfish are starting to head out for the September to November lull, as well, but we’re still having fairly regular sightings past the shelf and expect to keep reeling them in all year long.

Marlin Keep On Biting

Marlin can never stay away from our waters for long. Black marlin may be in the North Pacific for now, but blue and striped marlin are out and biting. Patience is key if you want to pull in one of these impressive billfish, but as soon as you’ve got one on the line, you’ll know the wait was worth it. Our marlin range in size, with a great show to be had no matter the size.

The marlin regular season starts in September, but they’ve been quite active this month. With such a good lead-up, we’re excited to see what our peak months will bring.

Inshore Flotsam Offers Great Fly Fishing

Inshore, the green season has brought down heavy debris that offers fertile grounds for anglers. The cover is inviting many great catches out, including bonitos, snappers, jacks, mackerels and roosterfish. Inshore fishing is great fun for anglers of all ages and interests. Beginners can have a fun wrestle with plentiful mackerel, while roosterfish give even the best anglers a run for their money. As a bonus, most inshore species grill up into a delicious dinner after a day out on deck.

And, of course, with these smaller fish we’re seeing mahi mahi, wahoo, and yellowfin coming inshore for some hunting of their own.

If you’re planning to book a fishing trip to Costa Rica, our Jaco and Los Sueños locations are a great place to get out on the water! Saltwater sportfishing is a blast with our experienced captains and offers a challenge and fun for experienced and novice anglers alike. Contact us online or at 1-800-761-7250 to book the trip of a lifetime.