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Los Suenos offshore fishing is booming!

Date Published:
Aug 04, 2012
Los Suenos offshore fishing is booming!

Los Suenos Sportfishing’s Exciting News—

Offshore fishing from Los Suenos is booming right now! Yellow Fin Tuna have been spotted on an almost daily basis and the exhilarating chase has left us brimming with excitement, and all too eager to enjoy each day’s abundant catch as each night’s delicious dinner.

Although the majority of our bites have been in the 50-80 lbs. range, earlier in the week a gigantic 150 lbs. stunner was snatched out of the Costa Rica Pacific with nothing more than a spinning rod!

While the Tuna continue to amaze us with their abundance and size, Billfish are biting at a slow but consistent rate. 2-6 bites each day are to the credit of the 200-300 lbs. Sailfish and Marlin we encounter. Mahi Mahi have made their presence known of late as well.

Inshore, most of the action has been provided by a good mix of Jacks, Mackerels, Snappers and Roosters, while trolling the reefs have proved fertile ground for Wahoos. Tune in for another exciting update soon, or join the fun and book your Los Suenos fishing charter today!

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