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Spectacular inshore fishing at Los Sueños!

Date Published:
Jul 10, 2012
Spectacular inshore fishing at Los Sueños!

Los Suenos inshore fishing in Costa Rica has been spectacular over the last few weeks. There has been a great variety of fish around, and the action has been amazing.

The rooster fishing as well as the snapper fishing from Los Suenos has been very consistent.

If you’re looking for a good fight, a ton of big amberjacks have shown up to provide an awesome fight. Scores of jacks have also been around lately to bend a rod.

The offshore Los Suenos fishing has been average over the last few weeks. Most boats heading offshore have been seeing three to eight billfish bites per day. The vast majority of this action is sailfish, and very rarely marlin.

The main focus this time of year is the insane Yellow fin Tuna action. If you can find the spinner dolphins, or the birds hovering above, then you should be able to find the nearby tuna. Lately, we have been catching eight to ten yellow fin tunas per day. The tuna right now is averaging between 50 – 60lbs when we are fortunate enough to find them offshore. The tuna bite should be getting more consistent soon, with bigger tunas showing up over the next couple months.

If you’re hungry for Mahi Mahi, find a good log floating offshore and get to work.

The weather has been perfect, sunny to partly cloudy most days. It is typically cloudy in the afternoon, and we have showers three to five nights a week for a few hours to keep things a bit cooler than in the dry season. Temperatures have been in the upper 80’s during the day.

All and all, there has been plenty of time and good weather to get out and experience a day of unrivaled Costa Rica fishing from Los Suenos.

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