January 1, 2023 Fishing Report
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January 1, 2023 Fishing Report

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Jan 01, 2023
January 1, 2023 Fishing Report

January 1, 2023 Fishing Report

We are kicking off the new year strong here in Los Suenos and Jaco. It is peak fishing season with warm water and some of the most sought after catches, including marlin, yellowfin tuna, and most exciting, the roosterfish.

When you are ready to schedule your fishing excursion, look no further than the Costa Rica Central Pacific Coast. Take your New Year’s resolutions to fish more and enjoy your life seriously and book your charter with Adventure Tours Costa Rica today.

Fishing Weather in January

January is arguably the best month for fishing as we are officially in the Costa Rica Verano. This is one of the hottest months, so you can expect the temperature of the water to near 85° Fahrenheit or warmer.

Also helping to create excellent fishing conditions is the limited rainfall. January will be one of the first months of our dry season, so the types of fish that are most exciting to catch will be drawn to the Central American waters. However, wind speed is also going to be increasing to approximately 5.5 mph. While this is not the windiest month for fishing, it is also not the least windy.

Top Catches in the Early New Year

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With January being one of the peak months of the Costa Rican fishing season, both novice and experienced fishermen have an opportunity to enjoy some exciting fishing opportunities. Whether you are hoping to stick to inshore fishing or offshore fishing, there are plenty of available catches in early 2023.

Roosterfish are in peak season between the months of November and March. When you are looking for a fish you can rely on to put up a fight when you reel them in, roosterfish are the way to go. Generally, you can find them in depths around 60 feet. However, if you're looking for a catch that is easier to reel in, snapper may be a better option as you fish inshore in Jaco and Los Suenos. You can also practice to compete in the Quepos annual World Billfish Series Championships if you are hoping to catch some of the popular sailfish that peak during January’s fishing season.

Those who prefer offshore fishing can bank on marlin to start their fishing season off right. Although marlin will not peak until April, they can weigh upwards of 1,000 pounds and are powerful, which makes them one of the more exciting fish to aim for. You might also be able to reel in some yellowfin tuna, which can grow to be massive in size, weighing upwards of 300 pounds, and are one of the tastier bites.

Additionally, January is one of the peak seasons for the popular mahi-mahi in Costa Rica, largely due to the fact that they are smaller and are well known for their gorgeous blue/green coloring.

Schedule Your First Fishing Excursion of 2023 Today

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