January 15, 2023 Fishing Report
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January 15, 2023 Fishing Report

Date Published:
Jan 18, 2023
January 15, 2023 Fishing Report

January 15, 2023 Fishing Report

We are well into the New Year and Costa Rica's verano is making for an ideal fishing season. The warm weather and lack of rain makes for an abundance of catches that will make your charter excursion one of the most memorable of your life. When you are ready to schedule your fishing trip along the Central American coast, look no further than Adventure Tours Costa Rica.

Enjoy the Costa Rican Verano

Fishing Charters at Los Suenos

January has some of the best fishing along the Central Pacific Coast. It is one of the warmest months of the year in Costa Rica, with little rainfall and highs that stay right around 85°F.

Now that we are in the dry season, there are many types of fish that will be drawn to the warmer waters. When you are considering whether you want to fish inshore or offshore, remember that the average wind speed picks up in January and is generally around 5.5 mph.

Mid-January Catches: What to Expect on Your Fishing Excursion

There are many different types of fish swimming along the shores of Los Suenos. Whether you prefer to fish inshore or offshore, when you book your excursion in January, you are likely to come across the catch of your dreams:

Inshore Fishing Opportunities

Rooster Catch at Los Suenos

When you choose to fish inshore, you can expect to reel in snapper along the Jaco coast. However, even though snapper season is just about over, when you are looking for a catch you will remember for the rest of your life, you can bank on reeling in a monster roosterfish.

January is the peak of the roosterfish season, and these massive fish are sure to give anglers a run for their money. Roosterfish can be found at depths of just 50 to 60 feet, and with their bright colors and notable dorsal fin, you can easily spot them along the ocean floor.

In addition to the highly sought-after roosterfish, sailfish are also peeking this month, and can also be spotted easily as they jump through the air and over small waves.

What to Expect When You Fish Offshore in January

Yellowfin Tuna catch at Los Suenos

Offshore fishing is one of the more exciting opportunities for charter excursions. In January, yellowfin tuna, which can weigh well over 300 pounds, are beginning to increase in numbers. Be prepared for these massive bites to put up a fight as you attempt to reel them in.

Marlin are also starting to increase and numbers as their peak season is approaching. These blue and black marlin can weigh 600 pounds or more and are one of the more powerful types of fish species in the Central Pacific Coast.

Schedule Your Fishing Charter in Los Suenos Today

When you want to start your 2023 fishing season off on the right foot, mid-January is a great time of year to book your Jaco and Los Suenos fishing excursion. With a multitude of catches available both inshore and offshore, you can bank on an exciting and fulfilling excursion when you choose Adventure Tours Costa Rica. Fill out our online contact form or call us to schedule your charter today.