Fishing Report December 15, 2022
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Fishing Report December 15, 2022

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Dec 15, 2022
Fishing Report December 15, 2022

Fishing Report December 15, 2022

We have officially entered our verano in the Central Pacific Coast. December is one of the most exciting months to fish in Costa Rica, as the weather is drawing big catches in as we finish 2022 strong. In fact, some might say this is one of the best times of year to schedule your fishing excursion.

Here's more about what you can expect weatherwise from your charter excursion for the second half of December 2022.

Welcome to Costa Rican Summer

Sunset at Los Suenos

We're kicking off the dry season with better weather and exceptional fishing opportunities. From huge schools of fish to massive fish feeding on the smaller swimmers, you're going to have quite the selection of catches as we enter the Costa Rican summer.

Since the water is warmer, Los Suenos and Jaco are more likely to produce consistent fishing and enormous catches.

With coastal fishing conditions blowing the wind North, the verano catches are pushed further South, making for ideal fishing conditions and excursions.

The Fish Are Prime Mid-December in Jaco and Los Suenos

As we finish 2022, there are plenty of inshore and offshore fishing opportunities – but we can guarantee you'll have plenty of bites on your reel:

Inshore Fishing Catches

For inshore fishing catches, we are seeing a significant number of aggressive roosterfish if you're looking to reel in a 60+ pound catch. For a more tasty option, try for some red snapper, which are currently swimming inshore in more shallow waters.

What to Expect Fishing Offshore

Dorado catch at Los Suenos

For offshore fishing catches, the dorado activity has been substantial. Since marlin feed on dorado, there have also been an unusual number of marlin catches as well this summer.

In fact, some fishermen are still reeling in marlin weighing in at over 300 lbs!!! Impressive for late December! Some fishing excursions are also reporting hooking multiple marlin at once, which is surprising, given marlin are usually on their way out of season until May or so by this time of year.

You can also expect lots of sailfish in late December if you are planning to fish offshore. It is not unusual for fisherman and fishing enthusiasts alike to head to Los Suenos for the sailfish alone.

But if sailfish aren't your thing, you can also expect to reel in some pretty massive-sized tuna as we enter the Costa Rican summer. Many fishermen are bringing in tuna weighing close to 100 lbs this season, some even as close as seven miles offshore! You might even get to try some of the season’s top tuna and sashimi catches if you check out some of the local restaurants after a long day of fishing along the Central Pacific Coast.

Schedule Your Costa Rica Fishing Excursion Today

It is the beginning of the peak season for some of the most popular fish, including sailfish. The Costa Rican summer is one of the prime fishing opportunities for fishermen and families alike.

With the exceptional weather conditions, and marlin still prevalent as they hunt dorado, when you schedule your fishing charter with Adventure Tours Costa Rica, you can bank on an exciting excursion. Call today to schedule yours!