Fishing Report- December 2022 1st, 2022
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Fishing Report- December 2022 1st, 2022

Date Published:
Dec 01, 2022
Fishing Report- December 2022 1st, 2022

Fishing Report December 2022

The month of December is one of the top choices for fishermen across Costa Rica for fishing excursions. Now that we are officially in the dry season, you can expect excellent opportunities for large catches and exciting charter excursions. Here is more about what you can expect for your Costa Rican getaway this December.

December’s Warm Waters Being Exceptional Fishing

Summer time fishing charter

One of the best things about fishing excursions in the Central Pacific Coast throughout December is the increase in water temperature. Warmer water conditions often bring in larger amounts of small fish, which the larger fish often consume throughout the dry season. This means the fish you catch are likely to be larger since they are consuming their smaller prey.

December starts the dry season, but until we hit the middle of the month the winds are going to be more favorable for fishing in Jaco. Now that the rainy season has passed, you can expect the fishing to be more consistent. Fish in the Central Pacific love the warmer climate and are more likely to swim both inshore and offshore.

With wind conditions slowing down and significantly less rain, you can expect fishing conditions along the coast to be optimal as we enter Costa Rica’s dry season for fishing.

What You Can Expect to Catch During Your Excursion in Los Suenos

The best part about fishing in Costa Rica, Jaco, and Los Sueños is the opportunity to fish, both inshore and offshore, catching fish you have previously only ever dreamed of catching for your fishing excursion.

Yellowfin tuna

Offshore Fishing in December

If you are planning to stick to an offshore fishing trip, you can expect to see large numbers of shellfish. Fishermen come from around the world to try to reel in some of these exotic catches.

Now that the rainy season has passed, and the waters are warming, you can expect to catch large amounts of both blue and black marlin. If you are hoping to reel in these 1,000+ pound fish, you will not need to schedule your fishing charter closer to May.

Yellowfin tuna are also almost out of season, so if you happen to get one on your reel during your fishing trip, you will be one of the lucky few who do.

Inshore Fishing in December

Anyone who is planning to stay inshore for their fishing excursion can expect to see large numbers of rooster fish. These gorgeous fish are not great for eating, but they are great for catching. Fishermen come from all over to reel in these feisty creatures.

However, if you are looking for some fish to bring home to the family for the winter, snapper season is still in effect. We won’t see much red snapper once December ends, so keep an eye on the shallow waters if you are hoping to snag these tasty catches.

Schedule Your Costa Rica Fishing Charter Today!

Los Suenos in December is a dream. When you are looking for optimal fishing conditions, excellent weather, and great opportunities for large catches, the month of December is the time to book your fishing trip. Schedule your excursion today when you contact Adventure Tours Costa Rica!