December 1, 2023 Fishing Report
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December 1, 2023 Fishing Report

Date Published:
Dec 01, 2023
December 1, 2023 Fishing Report

December 1, 2023 Fishing Report

Welcome to the highly anticipated December fishing report out of Los Suenos, Costa Rica! As we delve into the first half of this action-packed month, we welcome the high season to our shores with incredible, sunny days and perfect, calm waters. Anglers are in for a thrilling experience as both inshore and offshore are teeming with an abundance of fish. Inshore enthusiasts can expect exciting encounters with popular catches such as Roosterfish, Snook, and Snapper, while those venturing offshore have the opportunity to battle majestic Marlin and awe-inspiring Sailfish, both entering their peak season in Los Suenos.

Early December Fishing Weather 🌤️🌡️🔥

los suenos marina costa rica

In Los Suenos, the month of December brings delightful weather conditions both on land and offshore, making it an ideal time for fishing enthusiasts. On land, average temperatures range in the lower to upper 80s, providing comfortable conditions for anglers to embark on their fishing adventures. The perfect, tropical days of high season are upon us, with calm, flat seas and clear skies prevailing throughout the month. As for offshore conditions, fishermen can anticipate similar calm waters and clear skies, creating an idyllic setting for chasing the prized catches of the Pacific Ocean. During December, the region experiences the start of our high season, and the weather truly showcases Costa Rica at its best. Fishing out of Los Suenos Marina in December is an exciting and unforgettable experience you won’t soon forget.

Offshore Bites ⚓🛥️🐟

marlin los suenos costa rica

Offshore fishing enthusiasts are in for an exhilarating adventure as the peak season for marlin and sailfish kicks into high gear in December. While striped marlin can be found year-round in these waters, December sees the peak season for blue and black marlin, making it an opportune time to target these majestic fish. Anglers from around the world are looking forward to chasing marlin weighing in at an average of 200 to 400 pounds during December. As if that weren’t enough, December also marks the beginning of the peak season for sailfish. These acrobatic creatures, known for their vibrant colors and astonishing speed, captivate experienced and novice anglers alike. We expect to see sails averaging in size from 80 to 120 pounds. The combination of their striking beauty, impressive size, and thrilling battles on the hook make sailfish a highly sought-after and popular gamefish among anglers visiting the area.

Inshore Bites 🐠🍣⛵🤤

Rooster Fish Los Suenos Costa Rica

December marks the peak season for an exhilarating inshore fishing experience, particularly for one of the most prized species, the Roosterfish. Anglers flock to these waters during this time in pursuit of Roosterfish, as they are abundant and provide thrilling battles once hooked. These powerful predators can reach impressive sizes, with average catches weighing in around 10 to 30 pounds. The Roosterfish's distinctive appearance, with its signature comb-like dorsal fin and vibrant colors, adds to its allure among anglers. Alongside Roosterfish, inshore anglers can also find Snapper, which although they can be caught year-round, are in their last full month of peak density until numbers pick back up in July. December is the perfect opportunity to target these hard-fighting and delicious fish species out of Los Suenos Marina.

Book Your Charter 📲📅✈️☎️

As we wrap up our December 1, 2023 fishing report out of Los Suenos Marina, the excitement for the abundant fishing opportunities continues to grow. While many charter boats have been booked well in advance, dedicated anglers still have a chance to secure their spot for an unforgettable fishing adventure. If you're eager to join the action, we encourage you to contact us for the fastest and most up-to-date information on available spaces. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to experience the thrill of a lifetime in the bountiful waters of Los Suenos Costa Rica. Book your charter today and create lasting memories in one of the world's most renowned fishing destinations!